Semester 2 – Week 1

Maths Games with Grade 6 – what a great way to start the new year!

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A Special Guest

As part of her Personal Project, Lisa Ito, a year 10 student, visited grade 5 this morning to run a science-based workshop with all the girls.  The purpose of her visit was to encourage more young girls into STEM field studies.

We began the session be drawing a scientist.  Interestingly, most of us drew male scientists! There were a few ‘ahas’ around the room as we realized what we’d done!  POINT MADE!

Lisa introduced us to STEM research.

What is STEM? – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

She also presented:

  • Notable female figures in the STEM fields!
  • What problems might women in STEM face?
  • Why is it important to have more female scientists?

Lisa provided many interesting facts from her research…

  • Girls tend to lose interest in math and science at age 8.
  • Less then 25% of engineering degrees are awarded to women
  • (In the US) 45% of science related degrees are awarded to women, only 22% of these are engineers
  • (In the US) 24% of CEOs are women
  • Scientifically, girls are bad at science – FALSE
  • From 1990 to 2011 female engineers have decreased FALSE
  • Girls perform just as well as boys in school TRUE

We also looked at a collection of toys and identified which were more advertised for boys or girls?

We discussed – 

  • How we think the different values of these toys, set an expectation for boys and girls?
  • How we think this affects the interests of boys and girls?

The toys that are most likely to be educational and to develop childrens physical, cognitive, artistic, and other skills were typically categorized as neutral or moderately masculine.


We viewed and had many discussions about related videos:

What were the videos were talking about?  How particular videos made us feel.  Any personal experiences, on being steered away from math and science?

  1. Inspire Her Mind – Verizon Commercial
  2. A Mighty Girl
  3. Olivia Hallisey and Ann Makosinski

Well done and thank you to Lisa for a successful and informative session.  I’m sure the grade 5 girls would appreciate the opportunity to share their thought on this session with you.





20 thoughts on “Semester 2 – Week 1

  1. I played 3 games, and while the questions could have been a bit harder,and some of them had few small flaws, It was still quite entertaining!

  2. i really enjoyed the games even though i couldn’t win to my partners Kazumi and Kenzo. the grade six were great they knew their stuff

  3. They could improve their sentences and stop anding rules every time and change the game.
    They have to get better at explaining their game because I could not understand what I was supposed to do in the game.
    I fell they created their game in a fast amount of time.

  4. Today was the first day of the second semester. The 6th grade came over to play math games they created over math lessons. It was a fun first – day experience to work with the 6th grade. There was this one game where we tried to work as a team (Otto, Lazare and I) and kill the dragon. They would give us cards, the negative numbers are the defense cards(red), and the normal numbers are the attack cards(green). I think the 6th graders could have improved their work by organizing it a bit better because it was pretty messy. I think the whole point of this activity was to learn maths in a new and fun way. Every board game they made had little cards, and on the little cards it had math equations. I think the 6th graders worked really hard on this, so I really appreciate what they did for us.

  5. the sixth grade came to our class to do some math board games they made. Some were hard but most of them were easy. it fun playing with them because I can learn more stuff from them. I think they should set a time limit for our answers or else we will take a long time to answer and we will not have time to finish the games.

  6. Today we played a lot of boardgames that the grade 6’s made. ms Hutton said to us that we should split into six groups I was in a group with Kazumi Choi , Goki Kino and Me. We had time to play 3 games. The first game we played was a game that two girls made. On that game I won with 9 steps on the board meanwhile Kaz and Goki was about 3 when the time was over. The second game was made by 2 boys. On that game Kaz won and I came on the Second spot. And the last game was made by 2 other girls. The game was very short because there was only one card that was the key to victory that I got directly when the game started. So the winners on the last game was Me at the first place , Kaz in the second place and Goki on the last place. The games were fun and I think that I’m going to enjoy making a board game in the 6th grade.

  7. This morning we did math games with grade six. In 45 minutes we got to do 3 games 15 minutes each. Each one of the games were different. But all the games had 1 thing in common you had to answer math questions. One of the games we went to had lots of questions about prime numbers. The math was at 6th grade level so most of them were hard and confusing. I don’t usually like math but this was really fun. If there was one thing they could improve it would be talking more clearly and explaining more because we didn’t really get how to play until they explained a little more to us. But otherwise it was really fun.

  8. Today we played math games with grade 6 that they made. They were very nice games and games easy to play. The questions were a bit hard then maths we usually do in class so it was challenging. It was also good how we were able communicate with them. I learned a lot since probably we will do similar things in 6th grade next year.

  9. This Monday we played math board games with Grade six. I took my learning further with negative numbers (in an equation-not a number line), I think it is a bit more challenging then on a number line because with a number line you can see what you working out by jumping from number to number. What was good about it was they clearly explained the rules of the game but, what they could improve on is focusing on every move the players make instead of thinking about which questions to give them. I think Grade six did a fantastic job on this activity (in my opinion it is hard to put together a just right bard game for students one grade younger then you). I found this activity a great way to learn new things and have fu at the same time!

  10. Kazumi

    Today in class we played games with the older students! Well it was all game tat had start and end. The grade 6 was all friendly and funny. They made the games really funny some of them gave me sushi toy. I learned more about negative numbers and prime numbers. I still don’t get that much of the prime numbers but I think I know it better that before. Just in case my group was Kenzo Kazumi and Goki. There were three games One of them were really funny one was really
    hard and one was normal. I wish they come again to teach us math.

  11. Today the 6th graders came and showed us there math board games they made. I found out that 6th grade math is really hard but it was still really fun to interact with the six graders and see there cool funky board games. My favorite board game was the one where you had to defeat the dragon with your math skills. I also really liked the one with the emojis on elevators. Maybe next time they could make some questions that are easier. I thought that the students were very creative and kind to make math very fun for us. Thank you 6th graders!

  12. In the morning in our class we had a morning meeting the morning. At the meeting we took turns to talk about our winter break. It was really fun to listen about the winter break other people had. After the morning meeting the six graders came in to play the math board games they made. The board games was fun but hard. The hard part was that there where things that I din’t learn yet. Most of the things I din’t reconize was Factor, IMC, ect.

  13. This morning we did math games in groups of 3 or 4, the games were made by six graders. I was never into math but when i did these games it made me think how fun math can be! this one game that my group and I were going to was very fun for me, even though i never liked math but i love math games! the hardest game i would have to say for myself was the battle with the dragon game.

  14. The math activities were very fun but there were a few flaws in a few of the games. Some the questions were very easy & some were very hard. I really liked a game called Youtube Rewind where if you land on Q you answer a question. If it is right you stay, if wrong go back one. It was really fun and I was winning. All together very creative and entertaining while educating.

  15. Today was the semester 2 first day and the math was fun because grade 6 made a board game for use to play and asked us math question. I was impress by how good they can make the board game. I really liked the level of the math question. I wish that I can make a great a board game

  16. Today for math Grade 6 came and showed us there games they made and we got to try them out!
    I learned about further negative numbers not just -10 but I took my learning further and challenged myself. Also I learned better ways to make a math game so I can teach others to. Most of the math games had card with questions and answers. All of them also had a route to get to the goal so you can win! Sometimes it was hard because I did not learn that like prime numbers. Some of the games were confusing so that was also hard to understand. Some of the questions were easy but that was just some. What was good about the games is all of them had a meaning and a purpose that they focussed on a specific topic and went with it. What was new to me is like a question + question – question = answer witch I have never seen before. I had to think alot because it was pretty hard and sometimes I would have to guess but I got the answer correct so that made me proud! They could improve by being more specific in what they are teaching us about but overall they taught us in a fun interesting way of learning complicated math.
    Thanks Grade 6 !

  17. This morning ,6th grades came over to our class and brought the math games that they made.
    They were in a few groups and so we grouped up and went to there games. While we were playing there was some math questions that we need to answer. Some questions where hard and it had few of the math problems that we didn’t learn yet,but some of them were easy so it was really fun to play.One thing we can learn about is they tell us the answer and how to solve the problem at the last. It was also fun because you can communicate with the 6th graders and, to solve to problems we need to talk and communicate with the team, so it was a really good time talking with others.

  18. Goki
    I really enjoyed the games even though i couldn’t win to my partners Kazumi and Kenzo. the grade six were great they knew their stuff and gave hints to me.

  19. The plus minus of the nagatives were hard even though we learned it. I think I need to train more. I atleast tryed though.

  20. The G6 came over and there Teacher was Mr. Harrison (my Dad). Me and my Partner only played 3 games and one of them was absolutely weird, i also got Mr. Harrison to play with Me in one of the games!

    In all it was very exciting!

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