Semester 2, Week 2

What a fun time we had at the Cup Noodle Museum.  

Thank you so you mush for the offers of help and for those who could come along with us today. It made supervision much easier and allowed moments for some wonderful chats as well.  Thank you especially to Sean’s mum for being my translator and to Athul’s mum for a wonderful surprise of a birthday cake and gift at the end of today.  Oishi!

Check out some photos here on a slideshow (you might need to double click to start the photos)

A Wish Web

During morning meeting earlier this week we created a wish web by rolling a ball of string to each other.  When the string was rolled your way you had your chance to make a wish for the day.

It was so great to hear students wishing for the well-being of the group or for the success of the Summative assessment task.


Kath Murdoch visits 5H – A teacher who teaches teachers about teaching 

Kath came to 5H to model inquiry practice to the grade 5 teachers and work with the students reflect on the unit. We talked about the happenings throughout the unit and what was of value (or not) to us. The students used creative thinking to evaluate the unit’s work

Throughout the unit about energy, we learnt in many different ways… What has helped us learn about energy? 

  • Reading books
  • Accessing websites
  • Listening to the teacher
  • Visible thinking routines such as I See, I Think, I Wonder
  • Team experiments
  • Compiling a Google Doc to record our research
  • Watching videos
  • Making a video
  • Visiting the Cup Museum

How can we use our thinking to evaluate experiences? The students chose all sorts of methods to document their evaluation…

  • Catherine developed a T-chart showing what helpful and what was not
  • Elsie created a timeline rating tasks using negative or positive numbers
  • Maya designed a helpful/unhelpful thermometer
  • Julia did it in pictorial form
  • Phebe did a cut and paste of her work in order of value with an explanation for each
  • Harumi used a ‘Telling’ brain frame
  • Line graphing depicting each task and their value
  • A few students drew up lists and charts
  • Google Slides
  • Billy and Kenzo used a PowerPoint




15 thoughts on “Semester 2, Week 2

  1. Thank you for sharing the slide show and all that you did this week ! Wow !!! 5H is busy busy busy !!! It’s wonderful to get a feeling of the class chemistry through these pictures and text summary. Keep the good energy going !

  2. I love your aprons and head scarves that you are wearing in your cooking class.
    Did all your wishes come true with your web wish,? Certainly hope so. Nice way to star a day.
    Wishing you all a very happy new year!


  3. I thought it was an pleasure for Kath Murdoch for coming into our class, and teaching us more about energy. She wan an teacher that teaches teachers, which I thought was pretty funny. After she talked about energy, and all sorts of stuff, we had to make a doc about “Effective Way To Learn”. I made a Google Slide doc, and wrote my thoughts down there. Once again, it was an amazing experience to learn from a teacher that teaches teachers.

  4. It was wonderful that Kath Murdoch can work with us it was really fun doing the report and i hope she visits again. I made a timeline with a number line and then i drew on it to make it look like the ground the sky and underground. I really enjoyed the lesson and I hop it could be longer!

  5. This lesson was very helpful, i learned a lot about evaluation,and it was fun evaluating things the we did in this unit in uoi.

  6. I really enjoyed working with Ms.Kath Murdoch. The lesson that she gave us was very interesting. She talked about evaluation and how you could show it. I made a huge T- Chart showing the things that were helpful and unhelpful, I wrote what the thing was then under it I wrote why it was helpful/unhelpful. I had a really good time doing this and Ms.Kath THANK YOU FOR COMING!

  7. Kath Murdoch helped me learn to find the best way to evaluate your learning is to pick out the values of your work and the disadvantages of your work, also to see what was most helpful and least helpful. I thought that the most helpful and least helpful thermometer that I made helps me know what kind of a learner I am. Also I can learn what to do and what not to do when I need something reliable. Kath Murdoch helped me learn how to evaluate which in my opinion is a very important skill, now I know what helps me learn. I have gained more creativity throughout this experience. Kath Murdoch brought so many great ideas into my mind!
    Thank-you Kath Murdoch for teaching me about evaluating!

  8. What I learned from this experience with Kath Murdoch was different ways of learning. In this case we were learning about evaluating are work. At first we did not know what the meaning of evaluate was but as we continued I got some ideas of what it might mean. What I really liked from this experience was that she did not tell us what the meaning of evaluate was so we could produce dendrites and think differently than before. The main thing we did was talk about what it might mean and we made a poster (or any source you wanted to use) of what was most helpful and what was least helpful in this unit of energy. One thing I liked about Kath Murdoch was how she talked to us and she allowed us to share are ideas even if they don’t really match she still writes them down so you feel better. I gained alot of learning that day.

    Thank you Kath Murdoch!!

  9. I really enjoyed when Kath Murdoch came because she told us how to show evaluating to others. We had to reflect on what we did through out this unit and choose which one was useful in the I unit and which one wasn’t useful. I made a T chart and choose which one was useful and not useful and rate it from 1 to 5 stars. THANK YOU KATH MURDOCH FOR COMING!

  10. Kath was very kind and was really easy to understand the thing that she was saying, and also it was really fun by just listening and she teached us lots of different stuff. i really enjoyed the lesson and i hope we can have a lesson again.

  11. This week Kath Murdoch came to the class to teach us about Effective ways to Learn and about Energy. Kath Murdoch is a teacher that teaches teachers that I found quite funny. We made a doc about Effective ways to learn and we wrote about the top things that was most helpful not. I really enjoyed this week in this class and I hope that Kath will come back again.

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