Week 20 Semester 2

What a busy week!


Tuning into beauty.  We used these photos to categorise (freestyle to begin with) into three categories – 1. What is beauty 2. what is not 3. where we were unsure.

(photo right)


Grade 10 Personal Project – grade 5 went along (with an exhibition headset) to check out what the senior students had achieved and how it might help them for their own presentations in the future.  It was outstanding.

Kathryn Claire ran a songwriting workshop.  The only problem was… the time went too quickly!


We started thinking about persuasive writing.  Our lead in read aloud was a book called ‘I Wanna Iguana’. We then went on to discuss the for and against reasons for having a monkey as a pet!



An outing to visit the house of  Shoichi and Colleen.  What amazing things these two artists have done with gomi.  We also had a walk to take photographs of what we could find in nature that appealed to us as ‘beautiful’.




Tech Day – I wish I had more photos to share.  Here’s a few from the ‘truss bridge’ building in the auditorium.


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