History of Japan

History of Japan

Yesterday we began inquiring into the periods of Japanese history.  We have selected one period the look at thoroughly.  We decided that the things we might research include:

  • Relevant dates
  • How and why it transitioned from the previous period (causation)
  • What changed? (connection)
  • Significant events – what happened?
  • Leader(s)
  • Lifestyle

It will be interesting to see the connections to the units’ key concepts – causation, connection and perspective AND to the Line of Inquiry – How a culture’s historical events contribute to its aesthetic expression


Elementary School Art Exhibition

Many of our Elementary School students will have their artwork exhibited in the annual Yamate Art Show from February 11-19 at The British House here on the bluff. This venue is the large gated house across the street from the main entrance to YIS (formerly the British Ambassador’s residence).

This art show is part of the Yokohama Yamate Art Festival (which showcases the artwork of students from several schools in houses in the Yamate area). The exhibition hours are 9:30-17:00 daily.

Please come visit the YIS art gallery and see the energy, efforts, and two- & three-dimensional creativity of our Kindergarten through Grade 5 artists!

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