Mindful Awareness

In a week of ISA testing, it was good to be mindful about how we respond when things get difficult.

Let’s say… what you’re learning about is really hard, almost too hard… you might experience one of these… Is your response (or reaction) fight, flight or freeze?

  • Fight – irritability, loss of temper or defensiveness
  • Flight – avoidance, anxiety or fear
  • Freeze – numbing, detachment or giving up easily


AND What happens in your brain?

SENSORY INPUT (hard work) –> amygdala prefrontal cortex =  fight, flight, freeze!

SENSORY INPUT (hard work) –> amygdala –> prefrontal cortex = conscious response


Mindful or Unmindful? what do you think?  

We talked about some everyday situations – mindful or unmindful??? (of course, some might see both sides!

  1. Paying such close attention to what someone is saying that you can repeat or explain it to someone else
  2. Deciding not to speak to someone because he or she has not spoken to you
  3. Choosing a style of shirt you don’t like because your friend says you should wear it
  4. Practising a new skill during sports practice or music lesson until you feel your body improving
  5. Listening to a friends favourite new song all the way through before making a judgement on it
  6. Being willing to try a new food that you’ve never tasted before, even though it looks different from anything you’ve eaten
  7. Rejecting a new food because it’s unfamiliar to you
  8. Daydreaming or ‘tuning out’ what is happening around you without really noticing and hearing what is going on
  9. Intentionally ignoring a classmate who seems eager to join your game or group
  10. Helping someone in need, someone with physical challenges, someone whose needs are different from your own
  11. Listening attentively when someone is speaking and not reacting until the person is finished


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