Persuasive Writing

We have been working on persuasive writing.  This may be a text type that the students might choose to use for their presentation during the exhibition for more serious topics.  

An argument usually consists of the following:

INTRODUCTION – a statement of position at the beginning


  • a logical sequence of arguments – a series of
  • A logical sequence of arguments – a series of points  backed up with evidence
  • a good argument shows cause and effect. This is the connection between an action and what leads to it, eg. The fish died as a result of pollution in the water.

CONCLUSION – a summing up or restating of position at the end

Some of the students have selected their favourite piece and posted it below as a comment. You can see how they went.  Some are serious, some are quite entertaining.

11 thoughts on “Persuasive Writing

  1. Here is my persuasive piece,
    The best superpower to have is the ability to… FLY!
    Flying is the best super power because, when you are running late to school you can fly (which is faster than different transportations), it doesn’t cost any money to fly across the world but it costs thousands of dollars to take a plane across the world, when a person’s pet gets stuck in a tree and can’t get down you can fly up and bring it down for him/her. Also when someone loses a ticket to a famous concert, play, award etc. you can fly up and grab it from the wind, if a kid dropped his/her backpack somewhere along the way to school you could volunteer to get it and be back in one minute, when someone is hungry you can fly and get some food so that the person doesn’t starve to death, you can fly across the world to save people in need. For example, if there was a fire and the fire truck couldn’t get there on time, you could fly to the rescue and spray water onto the fire to take it out.
    Lastly, You don’t have to pay to get the fuel so that you can fly but, a car and bus etc. runs on fuel.

    I hope you take my advice!

  2. My persuasive text,

    What is the best superpower to have?
    Imagine if you were able to turn into any animal you want and change back to yourself with just a click of your fingers. You could even be able to communicate with the animal world. These are my reasons why I think animal power is the best superpower to have:

    Firstly,would be able to turn into any animal you like and learn more about them.
    Secondly, would be able to actually experience what it’s like to be and live like an animal.
    Thirdly,would communicate with them and see if they need help and help them by reviewing your human life and see if anything strange happened or could happen to that animal if they stay there, perhaps you are a deer and you know that hunters will be coming soon so you could inform the other deers so they won’t get a chance of getting shot.
    Another reason, is if you are having a school project and you need to learn about one specific animal you could transform into that animal and ask him/her some questions or for example I needed to see how flying squirrels fly I could actually be able to experience it myself and then write from what I got.
    Also, If you have a sandwich and a bird takes it you could transform into a bird and take the sandwich back.
    Lastly, you are getting bullied you can turn into a strong animal like an elephant or just turn into a bird and fly away.

    In conclusion
    Animal power is the best superpower to have… Vote for Animal power

  3. Which superpower would you want?

    I think the superpower I would want the most is shapeshifting. Think of all the things you could do with that! Here are some examples:

    Think that you’re on a deserted island if you could shapeshift you could turn into a bird fly back, and survive by eating raw fish. You could also do that if you wanted to fly. If people were hunting you down for some reason you could just turn into a stray cat and nobody would notice. If you were drowning alone with nobody else you could turn into a fish. If you wanted to live for along time you can turn into a tortoise.

    Think of all the things you could do. Instead of having one superpower you can have the superpower of all animals and other things! I hope you understand my point. Thanks for reading.

  4. My text

    Imagine a company is choosing one kid to visit the moon. Explain why you should be chosen for the trip. Or perhaps… why not!

    Are you really thinking of sending a child to the moon NASA? Outrageous!

    Firstly, I am not fit or qualified to this. It should be ILLEGAL! This is madness (not Sparta). How in the frickin’ world is a child gonna survive in space anyway. You should cancel this thing immediately. How old is this child anyway?
    Secondly, If you sent a child to space then how will they know what to do. They could forget or panic and anything could happen to that poor soul. Don’t forget aliens could attack any minute so, yeah.
    Finally, How will this child be trained in the time given?! How much time because they would probably never ever be able to learn it! I am pretty sure they only have until 2020 which is very short. What if they don’t want to go? What will you then?

    I conclude that if you actually do decide to do this NASA, read my essay first. Never, ever, ever send any child to the moon or there will be consequences.

  5. Imagine a scientist has developed a special potion to make people invisible, but he’s not sure he wants to let people use it. Write an argument convincing the scientist why he should or should not let people use the potion.

    It is NOT a good idea to let people use a invisibility potion because might cause a lot of problems.

    I think he should not let people use it because it might be very dangerous and it might be poisonous. It can also affect the human very badly so there will be a very very bad problem. There could be some very bad side effects that we don’t will happen, like getting very sick.
    Another reason why you would not want to be invisible is because if you are invisible people might forget that you are there. They might step on you, push you or they can hurt you very badly. Lastly what if people can not find a cure to get you back to normal if you wanted to go back to normal? If you wanted to see how you looked you can’t see yourself, since you are invisible.You can not see yourself in the mirror and that means you can not see how you look.

    So these are the reasons why people should not use the invisibility potion.

  6. I think the best superpower I could have is immortality. With the power “Immortality” you could live forever! This superpower can be very useful because if you have the superpower to fly, or to be invisible, you can impress people, but it could get boring after a while. However, immortality allows us to communicate with an endless amount of new people. It comes with a huge amount of opportunities.

    With the power immortality, you won’t die, and that is what I think you need in life. Dying will cause an end to opportunities, and experiences. The good parts of having the superpower immortality, is you could get to experience/learn new things as the future goes on. You could get to travel to every country in the world, eat every food that exists, try out new fashion, and make new friends! In the real world you might be scared to skydive, or ride on roller coasters, but if you are immortal, you can take risks because you don’t have to worry about dying.

  7. My persuasive Text ,

    If you would be able to pick a superpower what would it be?

    Answer: Hi, my name’s Kenzo and If I could my superpower that would be a kind of superpower that could be able to scan and use other people’s talents and superpowers. If I would be able to scan people and use their superpowers and Talents whenever I want to there would be a lot of stuff. The main reason of having that superpower would be that I can defend myself if someone attacks me by suing a pros skills of maybe karate or judo. The second reason I would want the superpower would be that I can be able to win in competitions to get different awards without people knowing that I have that superpower. The third and last Reason I would be able to use the superpower would be that.

  8. Making people drink a potion that you don’t know how it works? Don’t make me laugh.

    First reason, He should not let the people use the potion because they might feel blue and might go to heaven, and what is good about being invisible?
    People might hit you by accident, might bottle flip on your face!
    Lastly being invisible isn’t good invincible is better! When you be invisible your mom can’t find you, you will be on the news by the name of master at trick “0” treat.
    Will it’s not good in the end and it also costs a lot. You maybe don’t even know how long it lasts and how it works.


  9. What is the best superpower to have? Why?

    The best superpower that I would love to have shapeshifting why? Here is why!

    Firstly if you can be invisible if someone is chasing you can turn into an animal and they won’t recognize you. Secondly if you’re going to fall off a cliff you can just turn into a flying animal and fly away. Finally if you’re thirsty in the middle of the desert you can turn into a desert animal.

    In conclusion to all the reasons I believe that shapeshifting is the best superpower.

  10. Imagine NASA is choosing one kid to visit the moon. Explain why you should be chosen for the trip. Or perhaps… why not!

    Imagine NASA is choosing one kid to visit the moon. What a wild idea, although I don’t want them to pick me.

    Please do not chose me. I do not like roller coaster or airplane. I don’t just not like them I am afraid of them. I can at least go on airplane but if I go on a rocket ship I do not think that we kids can afford the force and the training.
    Second reason is that it could be bad for kids bodies and they do not have the muscular strength to be on the moon only if it’s just a little time I do not think it is good.
    Last but not least, the threaded reason is if there is a accident kids may not have the knowledge solve the problem and kids could panic more than adults because they know what to do and how this happened.

    You should have learned that kids does not have enough strength and knowledge to be able to have a visit to the moon.

  11. My persuasive text

    Most parents don’t let us children put anything on the bedroom wall. I think you why you should here.

    Firstly You should let us just have our own stuff because you would by so much stuff when you be an adult.
    Secondly some kids can’t sleep well by himself. Then if you calm down with whatever you put on your own.
    Finally if you try out stuff you might be interested in it and do it a lot.

    If you read my persuasive writing you know that you should let kids have paintings on their bedroom walls.

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