Tuning in to our Exhibition

We have been extremely busy this week ‘tuning into’ the exhibition Transdisciplinary Theme and possibilities for inquiry.

So many learning engagements that occurred over the week to assist our tuning in…

Groups brainstormed what are issues for:

  • Me / us (personally)
  • Family / friends
  • Local – Yokohama
  • Country – Japan
  • Global – the world

We created a logo to represent our Trans Theme – Here’s what Phebe came up with.

We explored a big global issue and discussed why it matters. Here is Julia’s.


We have used a five-stage process to help us make our big and important decision…

  1. We used a lotus diagram to explore big global issues and smaller issues that could be tackled. Here is an example by Kaira.
  2. We then went on to explore big ideas of interest and how we might reduce the possibilities to just a few relevant and meaningful ideas.  Here is Kazumi’s example.
  3. Next, we looked at our top three ideas. Through the use of a Google Doc, others collaborated with us to share their thinking and add ideas to our own.
  4. With our two top choices, we used the sphere of influence to check that we could look through.
  5. And finally, we selected just ONE IDEA. we worked through a checklist (which required elaboration) to see is it was a viable and realistic choice.  Here is what Otto is thinking.


It has been a week of thinking, conversations and decision making.  Please take the time to talk to your child about their choice.  Have them explain why they have chosen it. Maybe you have ideas.

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