Developing Central Ideas and Lines of Inquiry


The students made their final selection for inquiries for the exhibition this week. Difficult!  But probably even more challenging; we developed lines of inquiry and key questions that will drive our research. In groups, we came up with central ideas. Now, this is a difficult challenge even for teachers, so well done kids!

For the next couple of weeks, we will be working really hard to research all that we might need to know to meet our big ideas. Gathering details, posing further questions and making connections.  This is the finding out, sorting out and going further stage of the inquiry cycle.  

Students will gather their information in various ways – personal research using books and the internet, podcasts, videos, songs and stories, images and art, etc.  A great way to get answers is to interview experts or people that are passionate or knowledgeable about our big ideas.  Many people are available here at school and can be done during school hours.


However, students may wish to access people or agencies outside of school and outside of school hours. Here’s where you can lend a hand by getting them to where they need to be or just supporting them in unknown situations.

Here they are… hard at work!


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