Fractions Fun

This week we have been focussing on fractions.  As all students have been exposed to fractions and related concepts over the years, the program will be differentiated to meet differing needs. Through a pre-assessment challenge, the students could determine the areas they needed to focus on or further challenge themselves with.

We all worked on equivalent fractions to varying degrees.  Here are some kids that are ‘equivalent’. Well, in height anyway!

We played a game, sort of like bingo, to see who could fill in their sheet first.  When a fraction was called, let’s say 2/4, the students could colour the most obvious – 2/4 OR they could colour equivalent sections such as 1/2 or 4/8 or 6/12.  Some clever kids even used a combination of different fractions as a strategy e.g. 1/4 + 2/8.

We used the same idea but worked backwards removing equivalent fractions using manipulatives.  Some students used a ruler to help them SEE equivalent fractions. Now it’s time to move on to the ‘traditional’ way of finding equivalent fractions… dividing or multiplying the denominator and numerator… what we do the bottom we do to the top! I’m sure you’re all familiar with this!

Here’s a challenge… take these shapes and divide them to show 2/3.  The students took on this challenge in all sorts of ways. I found it easiest to cut out the shape and manipulate it… I did need to use a ruler to measure for accuracy.  here’s a couple of examples of how students recorded their learning.





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