Exhibition – BUSY TIME

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Grade ten students visit to listen                         and give us a few tips.


Time for rehearsal

17 thoughts on “Exhibition – BUSY TIME

  1. I liked working on my exhibition poster was quite hard but I got it done pretty quick with the help of Ms. Hutton. I also liked working with the 10th grade to think of questions that people might ask us or we can direct them to the question to tell them about it. Right now I feel quite successful and kinda nervous as well because were performing on Tuesday, On Tuesday I’m probably going to feel nervous again but more to present my exhibition work.

  2. The Exhibition poster was hard to do for me because I was very behind on the work, so I did the double and got back on track and I finished. When I finished I had lots of spare time so I helped other people with their work and cleaned up the room. We all got to finish our work on time and have it prepared for Monday.

  3. It was a wonderful time this week working on our exhibition board and creating stuff in the art room. I liked that we could do what we liked for our exhibition board. I needed to look from different perspectives to make sure mother people like it. It was also kind of hard to think of ideas; how or what kind of shapes to put my information in. And what to do to with my spare space because some space was too small for more information and some space is too big too put small things. But I still really enjoyed it.

  4. Making our exhibition I felt nervous about what it was going to turn out like. We had a deadline and it was very scary. In the middle, I had some struggles, but at the end, it turned out great! Looking back at what I’ve done, I’m very proud of myself and I think this was the very challenging for me, but I made it through all the obstacles and I hope that it will make my friends and family proud.


  5. It was really fun designing, researching and making the layout of my exhibition display board. At times I was really stressed and nervous, but now that I have finished, I still feel really nervous but excited. I am looking forward to presenting my exhibition in front of my parents and friends. I think that I did pretty well and I am pleased with the work I have done and I am excited to see my classmates work as well!

  6. Maki
    It was so fun playing around with the Display. I think that it is very funny how the final display turned out so differently to the first plan. I think that my display turned out so good!! Talking with the grade 10 was also as fun as the display. I went with one grade 10 and Harumi. With the gr.10 we made questions the audience might ask us. At the rehearsal, we practised how to have a big voice I had fun but me, Elsie and Rise had to skip out in the middle for the student ambassador.

  7. I worked on my exhibition really hard and I think I did a great job. Now I love my work. I think I created great contrast but my friends were also good so I couldn’t compare. I still think that I did a great job and over all “I am loving it” (sponsored by McDonalds).

  8. I really enjoyed working on my exhibition. I loved researching, designing my display case and eventually putting them together. It was tricky at times but I got my work done!
    This week the grade ten buddies came to visit our classroom, together we thought of questions the audience could ask us about our exhibition topic. I am very excited to present my exhibition work because I have worked very hard to find out my information then sort it out and lastly put it all together.

    Overall I am really enjoying this unit!
    I hope the exhibition goes well!

    • Maya, you have been working so hard, I think you have learned so much and you seemed to have really enjoyed the process – it’s been so much fun to watch! Way to go!

  9. Over the last few weeks, we have been working on our exhibition.
    I was ahead of time so I had a lot of time to do the extra things like bookmarks, sculptures and more. I feel like I am ready for Tuesday and I will do great. I am really happy with the final product and how my sculptures turned out. I used my time really wisely and I hope it will please people that come. I had a lot of fun doing another exhibition and I am sure everybody else had fun too. Thank you Ms Hutton for making my last exhibition in elementary great!

  10. Almost more than one month we were working on tuning in / tuning out, and now with few weeks, we were working on our display boards and researching on our topic.
    some of the tenth graders came and we went into a group, partner and for me, it was the first person to explain my work, I enjoyed talking with them.
    Now I can’t wait for the exhibition, but sometimes I worry about stuff like whether I can tell all the important information.

  11. This week was very busy with all our exhibition work but, I got it finished. I feel really accomplished now that I finished. At first I was really nervous that I wouldn’t finish on time. I am really proud of everybody because we all finished. It was really fun making my exhibition board and creating a model in the art room!

  12. I am really excited for our exhibition. We have really worked hard for 3 weeks. We had lots of time to research so for me it was easy to get all the information and sum it up for our exhibition displays. I am now almost finished with my Visual Arts part to catch the audience’s attention!!!

  13. Goki
    This week was exhibition week and it was really busy. We had to make our poster and finish writing our information.
    I was a bit behind but I managed to finish before time and made a logo. We talked with the Grade 10’s and came up with some questions for you to answer. We had to rehearse our speech with Ms.MacDonald.

  14. Kenzo
    I worked on my exhibition very hard on the information side and the display side. I really now hope that a lot of people will come to my exhibition on Tuesday. My color contrast was really good using black, red and white. It was a bit hard but I enjoyed it a lot. I hope I will be able to do something like this soon.

  15. I am really exited for this exhibition and nervis at the same time but I am really proud of my exhibition and pleased to present it.

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