Maths thinking

In Maths this week

Being flexible with our maths thinking – Thinking about our thinking – Asking yourself …

  • Where am I now? Awareness  
  • Where do I need to be? Knowing   
  • What do I need to know to get there? Understanding  

Next steps (developed by students) 

  • Learn words of question
  • Check the internet for good examples
  • Develop a worksheet
  • Write reasons why
  • Check answers against Quizlet
  • Rewrite Quizlet definitions
  • Prove how you got the answer
  • Prove the answer in a different way
  • Show your working out
  • Use fun and interesting games to help understand the maths terms
  • Ask Siri – answer – definition – process
  • Use websites such as Khan Academy / Maths is Fun

Ways you might show your learning

  • Write a Number Sentence
  • Write an Equation
  • Draw a Picture
  • Make a Table
  • Act It Out / use objects
  • Guess and Check
  • Find a Pattern
  • Work Backward
  • Make a List
  • Solve a Simpler Problem
  • Choose a Strategy
  • Use Logical Thinking

Can you solve the Pirate Riddle? Do any of the strategies above help you?

‘It’s a good day to be a pirate. Amaro and his four mateys – Bart, Charlotte, Daniel, and Eliza have struck gold – a chest with 100 coins. But now, they must divvy up the booty according to the pirate code — and the pirate code is notoriously complicated. Can you help come up with the distribution that Amaro should propose to make sure he lives to tell the tale? Alex Gendler shows how’.

Maybe you’re interested in trying the riddle yourself.  Have your child explain how they went about it in terms of processes used and strategies for working it out.  There was a great conversation that followed between Oliver, Athul and Lazare.  Then Otto came up with an alternative (by twisting the rules) which Sean, Billy, Taiyo, Haruki and Goki tried to solve.

More often than not,  it’s not about the answer but about how we get there. Get those brain of yours working!


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