Collaborative Activity

We don’t have too much ‘down time’ in 5H… just enough I’d say, although the kids might challenge me on that!

Each fortnight we have a designated time for collaborative activity.  During this time, the students can choose what they work/play on, as long as they are doing it with others.

Often students choose…

  • board games
  • making
  • building
  • card games
  • art / craft


  1. Develops higher level thinking skills
  2. Promotes student-student / student – teacher interaction and familiarity
  3. Builds self-esteem
  4. Develops oral communication skills
  5. Develops social interaction skills
  6. Creates an environment of active, involved, exploratory learning
  7. Enhances self-management skills
  8. Fits in well with the constructivist approach
  9. requires students to self-manage
  10. and the list goes on

Here are a few photos of today’s session (it differs most sessions).

One thought on “Collaborative Activity

  1. Collaborative activity is very fun. It’s not free time but you could do most of the things. And it’s collaborative so you have to do it with a friend.

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