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Have you heard about heard about the “FISH Philosophy“?  What is it all about?

What is it all about?

Well, when it all began… A fish house in Seattle started this by trying to create a better experience for their customers.  The FISH Philosophy has 4 key concepts:

  • Play
  • Make Their Day
  • Be There
  • Choose Your Attitude

It’s pretty simple and such a good way to work and live!

What’s FISH!?

FISH! is the key to successful human relationships.
It’s a set of simple, interconnected principles that everyone can tailor to their own life and work – old wisdom for a new day. When you choose to incorporate these principles (PLAY, MAKE THEIR DAY, CHOOSE YOUR ATTITUDE, and BE THERE), you’ll see a positive change in the relationships you create at work and at home.

Where did it come from?  That’s a great story.
Imagine a workplace that smells, is physically gruelling, and requires you to be nice to people all the time. That was the Pikes Place Fish Market in Seattle. The fishmongers spent 12-hour shifts stocking, selling and packing fresh fish. The owner, Johnny Yokoyama, invited his employees to create a new vision for the market. They accepted the invitation and the end result was an incredibly happy and committed workforce as well as a humungous growth in sales.

Filmmaker John Christensen, who is also ChartHouse’s “Playground Director,” discovered the fish market while travelling. He knew that the fishmongers had uncovered something special and he decided to film it. John and his ChartHouse team, after looking at Pikes Place and many other healthy work environments, developed The FISH! Philosophy, produced the films FISH! and FISH! Sticks, and authored a series of related books. These have become international bestsellers as businesses and individuals have discovered the incredible power within its invitation.

 “An invitation”?

No one can make you be FISHy. We’re each responsible for the choices that we make, and the best we can do is to model behaviour that invites others to share in the experience.

And the great thing is that it works – sometimes right away and sometimes it takes a while – but if you’re committed to it, it can unlock the potential in all of us.

In 5H we are ‘playing’ with the philosophy which lets them help transform the class culture. The activities help learners develop ways to improve the school experience with others – helping to build confidence and learning about the impact they can have on their own environment.

FISH! Helps

  • Forge caring relationships with students that inspire them to want to be their best.
  • Foster a supportive culture where staff regularly celebrates and recharges each other.
  • Build a safe environment where everyone is ready to learn.
  • Develop clear expectations shared by every member of the classroom.
  • Guide students to examine their behaviour when it doesn’t work and take responsibility for more successful choices

Our class is looking a little FISHY!  

4 thoughts on “FISH Philosophy

  1. I really enjoy learning about Fish Philosophy because it comes from where I used to live. I didn’t know this was a thing so when I learned I was really surprised. I really enjoy learning about this because it’s really fun. I enjoyed making people’s day because it makes you feel like you did a good deed. I’m going to Seattle this Summer so I can take lots of pictures for Ms.Hutton!

  2. I really like Fish because we experienced many relationship. Next time I will want to last it more longer.

  3. I really enjoyed learning about fish philosophy and experiencing it. Every day I remembered to choose my attitude and prepare something to make someone’s day. Even if I didn’t get anything it was still fun to know that I made someone’s day! It really helped my mental health to stay positive and care for others. A struggle I had with this was coming up with an idea to make someone’s day because it has to be noticed and make them feel really special without making it look like you’re trying. I think I want to keep using this philosophy in daily life.

  4. The classroom is quite fishy, but there are words on 4 aquatic animals. One says “Be there” Another one says “Play” a shark says “Choose your attitude” and the last one says “Make their day”. As there is a picture up there you can see there are sticky notes with words on them. Those are ideas from us of what we could do for these 4 things, we have not done “Be there” so we are still waiting to do it.

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