Our Colourful Learning Environment

We shared information about ourselves – but this is only THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG! 

There is a whole lot more below the surface!

Putting the pieces together – we are recording our thinking on jigsaw puzzle pieces!


We recycled the large coloured paper from the exhibition and are using these lifesize cutouts of some of the kids to record our discussions, thinking and findings out. You might be able to recognise Athul, Kenzo, Phebe, Maya, Sean, Catherine and Taiyo!  This idea is inspired by artist Keith Haring. 

We also used Keith Haring’s famous colourful art to REFLECT!  Here is an example by Harumi. From left to right it shows Harumi’s thoughts about Sport’s Day, fun reflecting, FISH Philosophy – Make Their day, Author Study and OUR WHOLE YEAR!

What makes us POP! Selfies digitally produced using Andy Warhol’s Pop Art style


Selfies to show WHO WE ARE – some of us are apparently very strange!

More selfies – this time innovating on Picasso’s famous Abstract style

Please come in and visit us, have your child show you the work and check out all the wonderful effort we put into each day.  You might even catch the potential of the FISH Philosophy!


17 thoughts on “Our Colourful Learning Environment

  1. In the past few weeks, we have been inquiring into WHO WE ARE (our unit of inquiry – U.O.I).
    Some of our projects were done as class work and some… home learning/work. For example, our selfie portraits were home learning and, our Picasso pieces of art were for class. I love how in this unit we get to break out of our shell just be ourselves. I love that we can do so much art but still be learning. We used balloons to describe ourselves and, traced ourselves to record our learning. I am really liking the unit so far and I can’t wait to see what we do next!

  2. I think that the Colourful Learning Environment was a good idea because I got to know more about the classmates. The best part about it was that we made it colorful. Making it colorful was way more fun than keeping black or white. When we laid down on the paper and our partner drew our bodies, I think that was the most fun.

  3. Kazumi
    I like the idea of our colorful learning environment in our class because it makes our class outstanding. If we were going to have a room with only black and white I bet you’d want it colorful. When I come into this class I always get me refreshed. Our colorful learning environment classroom is outstanding.

  4. I think that the colourful classroom theme is actually really nice and I enjoy it quite a lot. Having a colourful classroom makes you more positive than If it would be very dark because it would make me kind of depressed/make me feel negative. I want this classroom to be colourful but not too much.

  5. This unit (Who We are) has been so fun! I really enjoy all the art tasks we do to make our classroom more colorful. Out of all 5th grade our room is definitely the most creative and colorful in my opinion. My favorite is probably the art because you can express who you really are, none of these activities are boring though. I have had so much fun with this unit so far!

  6. I liked our colourful learning environment because rather than black and white it is negative, but if it’s colourful it’s positive and very happy.

  7. This unit has been made so that we can relax after a hard year of work. After exhibition and grade 5, this colorful unit is sure to set us for summer. My favorite was the Keith Haring because it allowed us to express our feelings in a way words can’t express. I think my least favorite was the Picasso because it just plain freaked me out.

  8. I am reflecting on the keith haring reflection we drew 5 picture’s. That would make use reflect on what we did. I really liked it so It could deconcentrate us and get focused so I have a better work.

  9. This time we did so much art like the Picaso, Balloon and the reflection. It was so fun reflecting by drawing how you felt about one thing for the reflection by drawing. I also liked POP with balloons, We wrote things that describe who we are.

  10. This class room is very colourful and very creative, I it is very creative and also show our work. I really like how our classroom looks because it is very special and very creative. It shows who we are in a lot of ways like in our Picasso art we have changed our looks a lot but a special part of it still shows that it is me. And like our reflection it shows how we feel about different things and what is our perspectives. I really enjoyed doing all of this.

    This unit is who we are. Are classroom has turned around to make a better learning environment. Our classroom is full of colours with different colours including reds, greens, blues, purples, yellows, blacks and oranges. All these colours make our classroom more enjoyable and relaxing. My favourite thing in this classroom is the body’s on the wall that makes are classroom really bright. My favourite activity was the Keith haring art that we did that reflected on some things we had done in this unit so far. My best experience’s so far in this unit was probably doing fun, colourful and creative work that is very enjoyable but you can learn stuff at the same time too. I am really happy to finish 5H in such a wonderful colourful classroom and unit. This unit is one of the best units we had in 5H.
    Thank you, Ms Hutton, to all the work she put into to make a wonderful classroom.

  12. I especially enjoyed when we did the art like picasso art, and the reflection keith haring.
    And I liked how we showed who we are with the picture , we divided our picture in to 4 with the background of favorite places to go. I also enjoyed doing “what makes you pop”.
    I write what makes you happy/pop! But the balloon actually popped while I was writing….
    The room was so colorful and It made me so happy!

  13. I liked how our classroom was very colorful because I don’t know but it looked positive and happy when the classroom is colorful. I liked the puzzle pieces because it really relates to our unit. The puzzle pieces are all same and it matches but the things we wrote were all different. I would like to keep it colorful as it is now for the rest of the year.

  14. I feel like I really like how we made the classroom look all colorful and happy and that it’s not only the indies but it’s the outside as well. The one art workI really like was the cutout humans of us but also the the hall of fame selfies because the cutout humans are really funny and also you have to figure out who is who and it’s really fun! The hall of fame selfies was fun because we could show what places we like and it doesn’t have to be perfect or look real (but it has looked like you), both of them were fun (but I wasn’t there for the cutout humans).

  15. I really liked our picasso selfie art and the mitch match selfie too, they were both fun projects that allowed us to reinvision our faces, the window Art is a nice teaching tool, while looking great. The balloons were a cool idea but we should’ve had harder balloons. The Keith Haring Art was fun and the iceberg and puzzle pieces were a nice sorting tool

  16. I enjoyed the balloon task because almost everyone’s balloon popped and it made us laugh a lot!. I wanted to be traced for the windows (big Keith haring outlines) and the selfies were very funny.

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