Meeting 2: Agenda & Updates

Meeting 2: 27 January 2014 at 4:10pm in the Loft

Please find the meeting agenda here.

Using the iPad with a projector

We’ll be starting off the meeting with some highlights about what people have learned this week (using AirServer to demo how to display your iPad on the projector), please feel free to share something!

PD Planning

One of the main topics for this meeting will be determining small groups (of 4 – 5 people) for further professional development. Similar to the PGP process earlier this year, if you have an idea of who you’d like to work with, please feel free to have a chat with them before the meeting. All groups will be sharing their learning with others throughout the process, and this will be your team for feedback and reflection in a smaller group setting (as well as your team for the 1/2 day PD).

In addition to this structured PD, please feel free to stop by the drop in room, or book an appointment with Kim or Clint to talk iPads!

Feedback Requests

If you haven’t yet shared your initial reactions from our first meeting, please complete the Compass Points Reflection survey (anonymous).

To help us better customize professional learning throughout the trial, please complete the iPad Feedback survey.

Please let Genki know which type of case you prefer for your iPad using this survey.

Image cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo shared by Douglas Porter

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