Documenting our journey with iPads

Trialling an initiative like a 2:1 environment requires a huge team effort. It is important that we are able to learn from others in our team as well as to share our learning with the other teams that have been created. To help with this, and to make sure we are creating a bank of knowledge for the future, we’d like to ask each team for the following:

  • Regular meetings – As part of our learning, each team should be meeting at regular intervals to discuss what they have discovered/learned as well as to share questions that they still have. Please be sure to invite Kim and Clint to these meetings so that (hopefully) one of them can attend. We would also like to ask that each team document their learning/thinking from each meeting. You can use any format that you like so long as it is shareable. If you like, you can use this template.
  • Summary blog post – By the end of the trial, it would be great if each team could write at least one blog post on this blog that documents their journey as a team. Each person should have been made an author to make this easier.  This post could be an overview of what you learned as a team over the course of the trial and the impact that you feel the iPads have had on learning in your classroom. It could also be way to share any apps or resources that you found during this trial. Of course, if you would like to write more than one post you are more than welcome to!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask Kim or Clint in the hallways or to send one of them an email!

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