Requesting an App

Based on the teacher suggestions at our last meeting, we have completed the “big 10” list of apps!

We have also compiled a list of all the apps you requested (if there were apps that do the same thing, we selected the one that was most flexible), and all of these will be available to all grade 7 students when the iPad trial starts on Thursday May 8th.

iPad Trial Apps

Here is the list of all apps that all grade 7 students will have access to. All apps will be available in a special apps catalog which students will set up on Thursday (the service is called AirWatch). AirWatch is only being used to manage student apps at this time.

Selecting the Right Apps

As you are exploring with your iPad, you’ll probably find tons of apps that you would like to use with your students. Here are a few things to think about before you request those apps:


  • Cost – just because it’s free, doesn’t mean it’s best. Also, if they have “in app” purchases, sometimes that makes the full app more costly than it seems. Note: the school can not buy “in app” features, so if there’s something you need, it’s better to buy the “pro” version or choose one that doesn’t have “in app” purchases to enhance the app.

  • Accessibility – it needs to be available in the Japan store (all of our volume licensing will be for the Japan store)

  • Sharing features – ideally the ability to share to existing services is best (Google Drive, YouTube, etc) rather than sharing up to a specific website that students need to sign up for (eg: Fotobabble)

  • Size of the app – this is an important consideration given that students will have 16GB devices, if an app is so large (we found one that is 2GB!) it will take up too much space

  • Volume Licensing Cost – consider if the app is reduced in price using VPP (some apps are not discounted at all)

Once you’ve determined that this app meets all the above requirements, please feel free to request the appfollowing the procedure here. Please note, this can take up to one week before the app will be available in our YIS iTunes store.

Requesting Additional Apps

If you would like students to have access to any apps (even free apps) that are not on this list, we will follow this process:

  1. Check the list to make sure we don’t already have the app
  2. Complete this survey
  3. Request will be reviewed by the IT Department
  4. If approved, app will be added to the AirWatch app catalog

This process will take about one week, so please make sure to allow enough time.

Note: it’s important that all apps that students are asked to use are in the AirWatch app catalog – even if they are free. This helps us manage all apps, as well as present a consistent approach with all students.

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