Wrapping-up Our Trial

It’s hard to believe, but we’re already halfway through our iPad Trial. We’ll have two events next week to begin to wrap-up the process:


Grade 7 Teachers meeting in the Loft at 4:05pm. Please find the agenda here.


7A & 7B will return their iPads during P8 in the Loft. If you teach 7A & 7B at that time, please come to the Loft to help with crowd control. We’ll have a few quick technical things to do to erase and restore the iPads and then we’ll have a short reflective conversation. 7C will return their iPads in Humanities as they have an assessment that period.

Thank you for all you’ve done to make the trial a success, for welcoming us into your classrooms this week, and for sharing your stories here on the iPads blog! Looking forward to hearing about more highlights on Monday!

iPad PD Wrap-up Meeting: 17 March 2014

Meeting Agenda: 17 March 2014

We’ve had lots of great opportunities for learning since we received the iPads in January, including your regular team meetings, as well as the half-day PD with Kim or Clint. Hopefully everyone has learned something new that can be helpful during our trial in May! At today’s meeting (agenda here) we will each share a highlight from our learning (in small groups) so that everyone can get a peek into the different experiences of each team.

Sharing our Learning

One of the goals of the trial is for us to share our learning with each other, as well as a wider audience. As we begin to wrap-up the planning and professional development stage of the trial (in preparation for the iPads to be given to students in May), please have a look at the documentation ideas so that each team can share their ideas.

Student Bootcamp

We’re in the initial stages of planning for our student bootcamp in early May/late April. If you’d like to be part of the team, please let Kim or Clint know, or add your name to this document. After Friday’s Community Focus Group, we have tons of great ideas to share!

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Feb – March Timeline

We’re now moving into the next stage of our pilot! Before we leave for spring break, we want to make sure that everyone on the team has had the opportunity to meet in small groups, as well as a specific 1/2 day PD for those teams. So, here’s what we need to (and when) to make sure that happens:

In the next two weeks (before 28 Feb)

Each small team should have at least one meeting.

Please make sure to add your time, date and location on this document so Clint and/or Kim can drop by to see how you’re going.

During your small group meeting (before 28 Feb)

Please suggest a day and time for your half day PD training as a team in March. You may also want to suggest topics and ideas that you’d like to focus on during that half day PD. Clint and/or Kim will be there to support you as needed.

Please add your requested time and date to this document so we can arrange cover & a place to meet.

Also in the next two weeks (before 28 Feb)

We will begin the three projects associated with this trial (community focus groups; bootcamp planning; action research) and would love to have as many teachers involved as possible.

If you are interested in participating, please add your name to this document (more details about the projects are on the document too).

In the first few weeks of March (before spring break)

We will have one more whole-group meeting on Monday, 17 March. At this meeting, each team will share what they’ve learned with the other teams (in a small group rotation, not a whole-group presentation).

Ongoing 1

All teachers involved in the trial have been added as authors to this blog. Please feel free to add posts anytime you have something to share – it can be something quick (like an app you tried that worked) or something longer (like a description of what you did in class), or even just a picture of something useful.

The idea is that we’d like to record as much of our learning in this central place as we can.  As you add new posts, please put them in the category that best represents the focus of your post so that others can find your posts in the menu above.

Ongoing 2

All teachers involved in the trial are welcome to share web resources using this Diigo group. This is an easy way to collect links from lots of people and keep them organized. You’ll see all new links that have been added in the sidebar of this blog.

Ongoing 3

If you still haven’t received the case you’d like for your iPad, please complete this short survey for Genki and then drop by the IT Office to pick up a new case!

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Meeting 2: Agenda & Updates

Meeting 2: 27 January 2014 at 4:10pm in the Loft

Please find the meeting agenda here.

Using the iPad with a projector

We’ll be starting off the meeting with some highlights about what people have learned this week (using AirServer to demo how to display your iPad on the projector), please feel free to share something!

PD Planning

One of the main topics for this meeting will be determining small groups (of 4 – 5 people) for further professional development. Similar to the PGP process earlier this year, if you have an idea of who you’d like to work with, please feel free to have a chat with them before the meeting. All groups will be sharing their learning with others throughout the process, and this will be your team for feedback and reflection in a smaller group setting (as well as your team for the 1/2 day PD).

In addition to this structured PD, please feel free to stop by the drop in room, or book an appointment with Kim or Clint to talk iPads!

Feedback Requests

If you haven’t yet shared your initial reactions from our first meeting, please complete the Compass Points Reflection survey (anonymous).

To help us better customize professional learning throughout the trial, please complete the iPad Feedback survey.

Please let Genki know which type of case you prefer for your iPad using this survey.

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