iPad iNstitute Agenda

Here’s the schedule for today:

Time Topic
Period 2
10:00 – 10:40
Student iPad Trial Introduction (presentation)
Setting the stage for the trial/explaining the parameters of the trial
Period 3
11:05 – 12:35
Activity: Connecting to the CLC
Groups here
Period 4
11:05 – 12:35
Unbox/Setup (directions here)
Locations: Loft
Lunch  NOTE: This is HS lunch. Please take all of your bags with you!
Period 5
12:35 – 1:15
 Scavenger Hunt
Period 6/7
1:55 – 3:15
Learning the Top 10 Apps
Period 8
3:15 – 4:00
Preparing for Parent Session
Wrap up/Reflection
iPad collection

Getting Ready for the iPad iNstitute 2015

In order to be ready to receive our iPads on Thursday, we will need to create a school-based Apple ID. If you have your own personal Apple ID, YOU WILL STILL NEED TO CREATE A SCHOOL-BASED ONE.

Here’s what we need to do:

  1. Answer the questions on this survey. Part 1 is to tell us a little something about yourself. Part 2 is the information that you will use to create your Apple ID. NOTE: this survey should already have the school address completed for you. If you want to use your home address and phone number (assuming you know them) you can change the answers.
  2. Once you submit the survey, you should automatically receive an email with your answers attached as a PDF.
  3. Go to the iTunes store on your computer, sign out of your personal account (if you have one), and make sure you are in the Japan store.
  4. Search for the Google Search app for iPad and click “Get”.
  5. Click “Create Apple ID” from the pop-up window and use your answers from (1.) to create your ID.

Once your Apple ID is created, you will need this information to set up your new iPad at the iNstitute. Make sure you remember your login details and keep them safe!