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Gr.12 Time schedule

Welcome back!  今年もまた 一緒(いっしょ)に がんばりましょう!

Time schedule 

Week A: Mon. 9:10 to 9:55, Wed. Double period, Thur. 3:15 to 3:55 

Week B: Mon. Double period, Wed. Double period, Thur. Study hall

Vocabulary Quiz: Every Monday 

Kanji Quiz: Every Wednesday 


Yearly plans

Aug. – Oct. : Topic 1 & 2 ( Two interactive Oral )

Oct. – Dec. : Written Assignment 

Jan. – Mar. : Individual Oral

Mar. 14 – 18 : Individual Oral in studio

Mar. – May :  Past Paper 1 & 2 



Gr.11 The new schedule

Group 1 (for those who didn’t go to Cambodia)

Group 2 (for those who went to Cambodia)




Summative Assessment (Speaking)
The restaurant poster must hand in at the beginning of the class.


Summative Assessment (Reading comprehension)

The first draft of the restaurant poster needs to be handed in.


Feb.24 (Tue)


Summative Assessment (Speaking)


Summative Assessment (Speaking)

Start from group 1, then do group 2



There will be study hall (instead of on Thursday)


Feb.27 (Fri)


Summative Assessment (Writing)


Summative Assessment (Writing)

Final Draft of the restaurant poster must turned in at the beginning of the class



From Feb.23rd – 27th, there will be no Vocab. or kanji quiz.



Gr.11 Feb.23 (Mon.) Summative Assessment (Writing)

Task: Write an article about a Japanese restaurant, which you recommend (researched and interviewed).  You will need to include:

☆ Introducing about the restaurant

☆ Something good or unique about the restaurant

☆ History of the restaurant

☆Use both main title and Sub headings in the assignment

☆ Use text types of both Article and Interview.


Words: 700-900 characters

Assessment Criteria: (A Language, B Message, C Format)

During this exam, you are NOT ALLOWED to use the brochure, which you made in class.


Gr.11 Feb. 17 Task for Japanese Restaurant is due


Gr.11 Feb.17 (Tue.) Sum. Assessment (Speaking)

Note: For those who are going to Cambodia, will have the presentation on Thursday, Feb. 19th.


Task: You are going to speak about a Japanese restaurant, which you have researched and interviewed. After your speech, the teacher will ask you some questions about the restaurant.


In your speech, include the followings:

☆ Include the history of the restaurant

☆ some good aspects about the restaurant

☆ recommended food in the restaurant


Possible example questions:


あなたが そのお店に 初(はじ)めて 行(い)ったのは いつですか。


あなたが そのお店(みせ)に してほしいことは なんですか。


あなたは そのお店に どのぐらい 行ったことがありますか。


あなたは そのお店が これから どのように なると思(おも)いますか。


あなたは そのお店の どんなところが 好(す)きですか。


どうしてこのお店を 選(えら)びましたか。


どんな人にこの店を すすめますか。


Gr.11 Feb.16 (Mon.) The task is due


Gr.11 Feb.9 Sum. Assessment (Reading)

Task: Read Four articles and answer the questions

Make sure to review the articles and vocabulary which you studied in class.

(No vocabulary quiz on Feb. 9th !)


Gr.11 Task (Making a brochure)

11年生 インタビュー

タスク:① 自分の好きなお店(日本の食べ物屋)へ行って、インタビューをしましょう。

② そして、広告(こうこく)をつくりましょう。

(① Go to your favorite Japanese restaurant and interview them.  ② Then make an advertisement about the restaurant.)



お店屋さんに なぜインタビューをするのか つたえましょう。

1. Introduce who you are and what the purpose of interviewing is for

(This interview is for the Japanese classroom only and it’s not going to be expressed for the public use)

☆ It’s nice to set a time to make an appointment for about 10 minutes.



あなた:私は横浜インターナショナルスクールに通っている ( たなか マイクyour name )です。学校の授業じゅぎょうで、「わたしの好きな食べ物屋」について、インタビューをすることになりました。(そして授業で、インタビューしたことをポスターにまとめて、発表はっぴょうします。)このお店について、10分ぐらい、インタビューをしたいのですが(質問を 5つぐらい 聞きたいのですが)よろしい(いい) ですか。


A  店員: はい、いいですよ。なんでしょう? (Then you continue the conversation)



B  店員:今、忙しいから無理だなあ…

あなた:いつでしたら お時間 ありますか。

店員: じゃあ、(明日の17時ぐらい)だったら、大丈夫だよ。




C  店員:私は、アルバイトだから、よくわからないなあ。


店員: はい、ちょっとお待ちください。


2. Ask them if you are allowed to take photo of the food or the store.


店員: いいですよ。 or いやあ、それは、ちょっと…


3. Eat some food at the restaurant and tell them “おいしい! ” hopefully with本音(ほんね)not with 建て前 (たてまえ).

Prior to the Interview

☆ Prepare all the questions which you are going to ask in advance.(5—10)

The interview must be done by Feb. 4th (Wednesday)




You will be making the advertisement during the class period starting from Feb. 9th (Monday).

Include the followings:





* You may of course introduce about other than above four.


小見出し(こみだし)を使う(つかう)こと。Use subheadings

インタビューと 記事(きじ)のフォーマットを使う(つかう)こと Use the format of interview &article in this task

写真(しゃしん)があれば、使う(つかう)こと Use photographs if you have


The writing needs to be 800 characters or more.

The writing needs to be done  on Feb. 16th (Mon.)  


Gr.11 Dec. 9 Sum. A. Writing

Task: Write a school newspaper article about Japanese people/ its culture. You are introducing something you found out about Japanese people, culture, and society. Since this is a school newspaper, you will also include your opinion as well.

Assessment Criteria: G11 (A Language, B Message, C Format) Words: 600-800 characters


Gr.11 Dec. 8 Sum.A. Reading

Task : Read 3 articles and answer similar questions we worked on the class. You need to read and answer questions in Japanese.

Note: Please make sure you understand three articles we worked on the class. Study Kanji and vocabulary in these three articles.

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