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Gr.7/8 Mid term exam study guide

Here is the study guide for your mid-term exam.

Please click on “Read more” to open the link.

14-15 Mid exam stydy guide for new students

Gr7-8 Mid Term Exam Stdy guide 2015



These are 2 different ones, if you joined the class from the second semester or in the end of the first semester, you choose the study guide for 14-15 Mid exam stydy guide for new students,

If you joined the class since the beginning of the school year, choose Gr7-8 Mid Term Exam Stdy guide 2015.

Please use the appropriate one.

If you have any questions, please ask.


Gr.7/8 Apr. 16 S.A. (Reading comprehension)

Task: Read a letter and answer the questions.
*Review the vocabulary in chapter 3 and revise the practice reading comprehension paper.


Gr.7/8 Apr.15 S.A. (Writing)

Task: Write your life style of your weekdays.
*Please follow the rules.
* Revise the writing task which you have done in class.

*Write the title “My weekday”
*Make one space at the beginning of each paragraph.
*Start with what time you wake up, and end with what time you go to bed.
* Use the frequency words (“everyday”, “usually”, “sometimes”, “not very much”, and “not at all “) in the writing.


Gr.7/8 Mar.19 Sum. Assess.

Task: You will ask / answer questions about your daily life style.
(Your partner will be announced on the date of the summative assessment)

* When you ask questions, ask yes/no questions, and open questions (questions with using “when”, “Where”, “What”…).

* When you ask/answer, use frequency words, such as, Always (everyday), usually, often, sometimes, not much, and not at all.

*Revise well the question / answer sheet, you worked in class.

*If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask Mr. Ise


Gr.7/8 Jan.22 Sum. A.


Write a letter to a Japanese family which you are going to have a short stay.

Share the following ( information):
Greeting , your name, nationality, where you live, age, grade level, your hobbies, etc…


Gr.7/8 Homework: Print out pictures

Seller will need to take photos of 5 items from your home, something which could be possibly sell at a garage sale (you may draw).

* The item must be something owned by you, and small enough to fit in a small room.   (We decided that you may take some photos from Internet, but it is preferred that you bring the photos of something that you own. )

* The items needs to be priced but each item is priced between¥100  to ¥10,000.

The 5 pictures will needs to be print out(The half size of A4).

*We will use this photo in the next class (Dec. 4th).


Gr.7/8 Dec.11 Sum. Assessment (Speaking)

Task: You will be both seller and buyer and present the shopping skit with a partner.

☆ You need to remember all of your lines.

☆Please remember to bring the photos that you are selling.


Gr.7/8 Dec.9 Sum. Assessment (Reading)

Task: read the conversation between the two people and answer the questions about it.

Revise the two worksheets about the conversation between a customer and sales person.



Gr.7/8 Oct. 2 Summative Assessment (Speaking and Listening)

Task: 1) Ask someone his/her phone number and birthdate, then write the answers down.

2) Tell someone your phone number and your birthday.


Gr.7/8 Oct.1 Summative Task (Listening comprehension)

Task: Ask what time it is now, listen to the response and write the time down.

Revise how to ask “What time is it now?”, and how to say the time including “AM” and “PM” in Japanese.

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