ATL in class assessment


Each Semester you will be given a Summative Assessment of your ‘In Class Attitude Towards Learning skills’ or ATL skills –
Collaboration, Communication, , Thinking, Organization

You will be assessed on how you handle yourself in class using one or more of the following ATL skills each semester.


  • Do you cooperate with the teacher and other students to work together during class time and rehearsals?
  • Do you share your ideas with others?
  • Do you rehearse your part regularly to make rehearsals more productive?


  • Are prepared for class having homework completed?
  • Do you hand in assignments on time?
  • Do you know what your task is?
  • Did you bring what you need to class?


  • Do you consider how your actions will affect others?
  • Are you on task?
  • Do you think ahead and are prepared for class?
  • Do you stay on task?


  • Do you contribute to class discussions?
  • Do you stay on task during work time?
  • Do you offer constructive feedback?
  • Do you ask follow-up questions when needed?