G6 U2 Task 4 – Rehearsal Journal

You will need to chose a piano performance piece for the second semester. Your choice should challenge you as a performer but more importantly be of a level that can be accomplished in 8 short weeks. Do not pick a piece too difficult for your level. Instead chose a piece you can perform well in the allotted time of 8 weeks.

There is a large repertoire on the YISMusic site under the tab ‘Sheet Music’
You will again be making weekly videos of your rehearsal process and adding the links to the rehearsal process journal 2 for the second semester.

Your first video is due this week. Be sure to think about the first step to learning a piece. What do to accomplish in the first week of learning a piece?

Once you have made your video be sure to copy and paste the URL into the second semester rehearsal process journal. A link is posted on the YISMusic site under G6 > U2 Rhythm and Pulse > Rehearsal Process Journal.