G6 U2 – Rehearsal Process Journal


TESTING 1, 2, 3

To START, EVERYONE should make a test video and share the link on the process journal spreadsheet above to make sure I can see your videos and the links work.

You should create weekly videos of you practicing your piano piece.



Summative Assessment Task:


For this assessment there are two parts.  


You will be performing a solo piano piece for an audience. This might be another class, at a morning assembly , or at the fall Concert.


You are required to document your weekly process in a Practice Journal by: 

  • start by setting 3 key goals for learning the pieces and include this knowledge in your first video
  • and your verbal reflection on how you will use your rehearsal time to best to improve your skills by using specific strategies. What makes some parts of the music difficult and how can I learn to play them? (“practicing” is not a strategy, however rehearsing the rhythm of each measure by clapping before rehearsing the whole piece is a strategy)
  • creating weekly videos should include your reflective views on your successes or areas for further improvement
  • Your video should also include you performing a warmup exercise
  • and the part of the piece you are currently working on.  These videos are very important and are a major part of the assessment.

You will only have 8 weeks to learn the piece so be sure to chose your piece wisely. If you chose a more difficult piece it may be good to only perform the first half of it.

Chose a piece to perform on the piano. HERE IS A LINK to a library of FREE music. For students who wish to have more of a challenge because of a higher level of piano skills, you may choose a higher level piano arrangement that you think is more appropriate for your level.

Learn to perform a piece of your choice.

  • be sure to challenge yourself by choosing an appropriate piece for your skills level
  • you will see that pieces are rated by difficulty
  • there is also an audio file to practice with
  • be sure to download the sheet music for your song so you can mark it up with note names and fingers.  



You will be assessed on your ability to:

  • keep a strict tempo
  • play correct pitches
  • play correct rhythms
  • play with both hands using all your fingers (not just one on each hand)
  • play using expression
  • creating weekly videos which must outline your goals for that week and how you will achieve them. They should also include a short segment of you performing a warmup exercise , a quick overview of what you are trying to accomplish that day (your goal for this session) , a personal appraisal of your ability to achieve last weeks set goals, and setting of goals for the next week.  These videos will be assessed as part of your final grade for this unit both on your ability to post regular weekly videos and for including the requested materials listed above.  
  • Remember that each video needs to show specifics on how you are trying to improve over over your last video  and how you are moving forward to your performance in a well organized process.



You will also be responsible for documenting your rehearsal process by creating weekly videos of your rehearsal and performance that clearly outline your goals for the next week and your personal assessment of how you did achieving last weeks goals.  The LINK to these videos MUST be added to the Rehearsal Process Journal Spreadsheet for Unit 2.


Create weekly rehearsal videos of you performing your song. You will share the links your weekly videos with Mr. Johnston via the Process Journal spreadsheet (link at bottom of page). You will end up with a total of 6 videos.


STEP ONE: you should learn to play the piece of music

STEP TWO: in a google.doc create a script that you will use in your video AND share the document with Mr. Johnston before creating your video

STEP THREE: Open the PhotoBooth application on your computer and line it up so it shows you sitting at the piano.  Make sure the keyboard and your face is visible so when you demonstrate and play I can see your hands on the piano. (see picture above)

Watch this YouTube about how to flip the video

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 7.14.26 AM


IMPORTANT – if you are using PHOTOBOOTH to create your video be sure to change the setting for the video to ‘AUTO FLIP NEW ITEMS’ or it will come out backwards.

STEP FIVE: create your video

STEP SIX: export your video to your desktop and name it with your name 

STEP SEVEN: open your google drive and create a music video folder and upload your video to the folder and SHARE THE URL it with me.  johnstonb@yis.ac.jp

EACH VIDEO should include:

  1. In the video start by describing and playing a warm up exercise 
  2. then state the part of the music you are concentrating your rehearsal session on for that rehearsal sessionYOUR GOAL      example: Today my goal is to perform bar 1-8, performing correct pitches and rhythm.  Record yourself practicing that specific part.
  3. your goal for the next week and how that will help you improve your performance of the piece.
  4. Every week you should create a short 1-2 minute video.
  5. Each video needs to show specifics on how you are trying to improve over the previous weeks video  and how you are moving forward to your performance in a well organized process.



Criterion A – Knowledge and Understanding,  Criterion B – Developing Skills,  Criterion D – Responding

You will first be assessed on your ability to create weekly videos. If you do not post weekly videos you will not be able to score a 7/8

You will secondly be assessed on your ability to share your 1. warm up activity, and 2. the part of the music you are concentrating on for that week

Each video should focus on the above two points.  You will need to show you performing your warmup and performing the part of the music you are focusing on.

You will thirdly be assessed on your ability to set goals for the following week and then in the next weeks video reflect on your success or lack of and articulate how you will move forward to improve your process in the next week.