G6 U2 Starter Composition

Starter – Working Individually – Formative Assignment

Compose an 8 measure rhythm composition using a one measure rhythmic motif. Then develop it by altering the rhythm


  • Create a one measure rhythm motif.
  • Create a 4 measure phrase.
  • Repeat your original motif in either the 2nd or 3rd measure.
  • In the 4th measure put a rest on the 4th beat to end the phrase
  • Develop your original motif by changing at least two beats and keeping two beats the same and put this in the last open measure.
  • Then in the fourth measure fill in the first 3 beats with a rhythm.
  • This four measure phrase will act as a question statement. Now make another four measure phrase that will act as an answer to your first four measure question. Start with the developed rhythm from your first four measure question phrase in the fifth measure.
  • Understanding Rhythm
  • First 8 Measure Composition Checklist
  • Understanding_Notes_and_Rests_in_Music_Notation_Handout