G6 Task – Rhythm RAP

Create a RAP of a children’s book (Dr. Suess books are great for this) or nursery rhyme or some other piece of poetry.


Listen to a Rap of Dr. Suess’ Fox in Sox. Listen to how he delivers the words in tempo to the beat and in deliberate rhythmic phrases. The syllables of the words follow the beat.

You GOAL is to Rap in tempo and using appropriate rhythms.

Dr. Suess books and poems are often written with a Rhythmic Cadence that works great for this assignment.

  1. Create or find a Drum loop that you can Rap on. Make sure it isn’t too fast of a tempo so you can get the words out.
  2. You can make your own Drum loop in SoundTrap using the Virtual Drumset (tutorial Youtube) or other drum application (GarageBand or Drumbit both will work)