G6 U2 Task – Two Part Rhythm Composition

Rhythmic Composition Project

Compositions will be created in pairs. You may choose your own partner.


NEATLY compose & notate an original rhythmic piece. Utilize a variety of rhythmic patterns that include, but are not limited to:

    • Whole notes/rests
    • Half notes/rests
    • Quarter notes/rests
    • Eighth notes/rests
    • Sixteenth notes/rests
    • Dotted notes/rests


  1. Each group member will compose & perform one part, Part I or Part 2
  2. Must be a minimum of 16 measures/bars. (May be longer if you wish).
  3. Pick a time signature & place the rhythmic counts under the notes in each part.
  4. Check the rough draft for the correct number of beats in each
  5. Add dynamics and articulations.
  6. Practice clapping the composition WITH dynamics &
  7. Pick body percussion sounds for each part and practice performing your composition.
  8. Each student will critique performances of other groups as well as their own in-class



FINAL Drafts & In-class performances =                                                   


TSC: Rhythmic Composition