G6 U2 Task – Composition Journal

EACH PERSONĀ will be expected to keep a reflective journal GOOGLE DOC which outlines YOUR PROCESS of composing. Include an in depth overview of how you went about accomplishing your task by clearly identifying and discussing things that both worked and did not work by giving examples and explaining why that was so. Give possible solutions to try next time for any areas that did not work the way you planned in order to better succeed next time.

THESE SHOULD BE DISCUSSED IN DEPTH (give examples of how you did them, what worked and did not work, and WHY)

  • Outline your composing process. (how did you go about creating your composition?)
  • Identify the theme (motif) of your piece.
  • What kind of note values did you use in your one measure theme/motif? (example: 1/8 and 1/16 notes and rests)
  • Identify where did you use repetition?
  • Identify and discuss the techniques did you use to create interest? (Tempo changes, dynamics, solo and group playing, different sounds, more variety of rhythms etc)
  • How can I improve my composition? (what worked well and what could be improved, and HOW?)
  • Discuss how did I collaborate with my group members?
  • If you had problems, HOW did you solve them?