G7 Practice Journal




Summative Assessment Task:

Criterion A – Knowledge and Understanding,  Criterion B – Developing Skills, Criterion C- Thinking,  Criterion D – Responding

ATL Skills: Organization, Communication, Thinking



Practice Journal

  • Your journal will be used to demonstrate your rehearsal process and progress and is Graded as a Summative Assessment using all four assessment criterion

Goal Setting

  • In each video, you should start with stating your GOAL for this week. This should be very specific as to what part of the song you will be working on and what you are working on (example: playing in tempo, playing correct pitches, rhythm etc.)

Major Scales & Warmup Exercises

Please use CORRECT FINGERINGS for scales. (they are marked on the link below)

Use this online Metronome to practice Warmups and Exercises

Short Melody’s for Sight Reading

Performance Piece

  • You will be given a performance piece – Break down your learning into steps that you will focus on for each week. Include your performance rehearsal of the part of the song you have been working on in your Video. When ready to perform tell Mr. Johnston and you will perform it for the class for assessment. You will get credit for reaching higher level pieces as well as your ability to perform them correctly.

Reflect on Progress and Process

  • Finish by giving an in-depth Reflection on your progress and process

Post Your Video link on the Spreadsheet



  • Criterion A – Knowledge and Understanding – Your performance will be graded on your ability to read music notation correctly, perform in tempo, and use appropriate expression
  • Criterion B – Skills – Then perform your chosen Performance Piece
  • Criterion C – Thinking – Set Goals for the week that are both achievable and challenging
  • Criterion D – Responding – Reflect on your progress. This needs to be an in-depth reflection.  Leading Questions to Answer
    1. How did the warmup exercises help you improve your playing?
    2. How does sight reading of short melodies help you improve your playing?
    3. How does Goal setting help you?
    4. How does Reflection help you?
    5. How does regular practice help you improve your playing?
    6. Which of the above can you improve on and how will you do that in the second semester?
  • Your videos should demonstrate how you break down your learning into specific components and how you keep adjusting your rehearsal process to improve problem areas 
  • You will need to create weekly videos which demonstrate your weekly progress while learning your performance piece
  • If you do not post weekly videos you will not be able to score a 7/8
  • You will need to share these videos by copying the URL of each video into the Practice Journal Spreadsheet 




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