G7 U1 – Study Guide, Formative and Summative

Key Signatures Study Guide and Assessments

Key Signatures

Formative Assessment – Complete the following study guide for Formative Feedback

U1 L1 Major and Minor Key Signatures Workbook

Summative Assessment – Complete a one on one assessment with Mr. Johnston – you will be assessed on:

  1. knowing the order of sharps and flats and notating them on the Treble clef in the correct positions
  2. knowing the correct key signature of a given Major key supplied by Mr. Johnston
  3. notate it on the treble clef
  4. perform the scale using that key on the piano
  5. identify the relative minor key using the same key signature

Creating a Melody

Formative Assessment – complete the study guide examples for Formative Feedback

G7 U1 Composition DiminutionAugmentationandSequence

Summative Assessment will be selecting three 8 measure melodies that use at least 3 or the 4 techniques   – Notate the Melodies by hand and then perform them in a video