Now that you can play the C, F, and G blues scales  ascending and descending (see task 3),

and can play the 12 bar Blues Progression in a shuffle pattern using a combination of the  three inverted major chords  let’s add bass lines.

TSCYou will be graded on the following criteria for this assessment as well as ATL Thinking and Communication Skills:

“A Criteria – Knowing and Understanding”

  •  know how to create a 12 bar blues progression using triad chords and inversions,
  • know how to play a shuffle rhythm,
  • know how to create a variety of bass lines  

“B Criteria – Developing Skills”Create Videos and share them on the Practise Journal of you performing a 12 bar blues progression using inverted triad chords with the right hand in a shuffle pattern while performing a variety of bass lines with the left hand in tempo and with accuracy

“D Criteria – Responding” – create a video and share it on the Practise Journal  which includes your in depth reflection of at least 3 ways you could improve by clearly identifying what and how you would do to enhance your performance. 




Video yourself playing as many of the bass lines (easy, medium, difficult challenges) with your left hand while playing the blues chords with your right hand (both hands should be played at the same time and more points 7/8 awarded for posting all of them including the walking bass line)

Reflection  – your reflection and overview can be in any media format (recording, video, written, etc). To reach a 7/8 you must include at least 3 things you could improve upon and how you would accomplish it.

Create a Blog Post called “Playing the Blues”. In it include an overview of the task, Links to your videos, and your in depth reflection.  *Be sure to send the link to your blog post to Mr. Johnston via email when completed – johnstonb@yis.ac.jp

  1. Give an overview of the task by explaining that you are creating the different parts of Blues Form: Bass lines, Blues chords, Blues scales.  You can mention that the right hand is performing triad chords using the 12 bar blues format and it is played as a shuffle pattern while the left hand is creating a bass line to match the chords played in the right hand.
  2. Next create your reflection where you clearly identify any difficulties you had playing the different challenges and your ideas on how you could change your rehearsal to fix these problems
  3. Embed or add links to your videos that you have posted in your google YouTube account. If you upload them to your google drive put them in the same folder and share it with johnstonb@yis.ac.jp
  4. CHECK the TSC to see if you have included everything