G7 U2 TASK – Blues Magazine Article



Characteristics of the Blues – What Makes the Blues Sound Like the Blues?

Shades of the Blues – Great place to get started with your investigation


Listen to a variety of Blues Artists and Songs and then Create an Electronic Magazine Article using Google docs (include live links to audio examples and YouTubes) which introduces:

One of the styles of Blues and a Musician that is famous for playing that style, as well as your Personal Reflection

Each person should create their own reflection even if they are creating their article with a partner) on how the music sounds to you.


Step one: LISTEN to a VARIETY of blues songs from both Early Blues and Modern Blues Below.

Define: What is Blues Music and list some of the key characteristics it has that make it the Blues.

Step two: Choose the one song that interests you the most. You will use this song and its style for your magazine article.

pageTitle_the_bluesStep Three-1: Listen to some early Blues artists (The links below include a comprehensive group of songs so look for the early blues artists but feel free to listen to as many as you can).  You could start with Bessie Smith, Leadbelly, Son House, Robert Johnston, Etta James, Ma Rainey, Billie Holiday, Koko Taylor or any other early artist.

 Listen to a variety of early blues artists

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Step Three-2: Research and define ‘what is Blues Music?’ Be sure you understand what Blues music is and how it changed over time and from travelling from place to place up the Mississippi River. What makes it a separate and unique form or style of music? 

Step Four: listen to a variety of modern contemporary Blues artists such as Eric Clapton, Robert Cray, Stevie Ray Vaughan or BB King and find background information on them.

Listen to a variety of Modern Blues artists



Step Five:  Now that you have listened to both early and modern blues music, choose your one favorite song/artist and then create a magazine article which introduces that artist and the style of blues they are known for to the reader.

Start by listening to more examples of your artists music that you can find online.  Identify the style of Blues they perform.

Include some interesting facts about your Blues artist and/or style of Blues they play.

Also find some pictures and audio examples that create interest for your article.


Step Six: Define ‘what is Blues Music’ and include several key characteristics of Blues songs, Where and When did it start and by whom? Then, Introduce the style of Blues music you have chosen and include at least 3 specific original characteristics of the Blues that style of Blues music still has and makes it Blues music and not a new style or genre.  



Step Seven: Create an electronic magazine article (with links to audio and video examples) that includes ALL THE REQUESTED MATERIAL in the TSC above.


Criterion A – Knowledge and Understanding – demonstrate an understanding of what the Blues is and where and when it developed

Criterion C – Creativity – use of media format to create interest

Criterion D – Reflecting – a personal listening reflection of Blues music

ATL Skills – Communication, Organization

To receive the highest marks 7/8, your magazine article should:

  • A CRITERIA – KNOWLEDGE – 8 POINTS     Research and define where and when “the blues’ started and by whom.
  • Define the Blues: List and explain THESE 6 unique characteristics of the Blues (12 bar chord progression, scale, Blue notes, instruments, improvisation, syncopation)
  • Introduce a specific blues artist from the listening files and choose one song they perform to introduce to the reader to the specific blues form/style by including interesting background information on the artist, song and style.
  • Identify the style of blues your chosen song represents (Classic, Chicago, Memphis, Modern etc). This will be the style of blues your project will introduce.
  • Include a LINK to your artist’s song 
  • Introduce that style of blues to the reader by including your substantial in-depth knowledge of key characteristics of the blues style. Where did this style originate? What are some interesting facts about the style? What are some of its components? Are there specific instruments common to the style? How is it different from other blues styles?  What characteristics make it a separate and specific style?
  • Include a variety of other INTERESTING FACTS about the artist and style of the blues you are presenting.
  • You can also include more links for audio files/videos you find important
  • DO NOT COPY AND PASTE – this is called PLAGIARISM – put things in your own words and use quotes when you want to include words from another source
  • Include a BIBLIOGRAPHY or SOURCES  which includes at least 5 links to the websites and resources used to research your presentation NONE OF WHICH are Wikipedia – NO, NO, NO to Wikipedia.  Don’t use it!
  • BEFORE HANDING IN review your work to make sure you have included ALL OF THE REQUESTED CONTENT!
  • HAND IN FOR SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT by attaching your finished magazine article to an email and send it to Mr. Johnston at johnstonb@yis.ac.jp for final assessment
  • C – CRITERIA – 8 POINTS      BE CREATIVE with the magazine format and create visual interest for the reader by using the magazine article format in a creative way including pictures, use of Color, Fonts, columns etc.
  • D- CRITERIA – 8 POINTS     Give your view in a LISTENING REFLECTION.  LISTEN INDIVIDUALLY (each person does their own reflection) to CLEARLY DESCRIBE how the music sounds to you by listening and comparing/contrasting the blues style your artists plays to other styles of blues and also including your own perspective of what the music sounds like to you (what instruments are playing, rhythm, tempo, feeling, etc.)



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