G8 U1 L – O Xmas Tree Analysis

We have been learning a lot about chords.

You task is to figure out which chord goes with this famous Xmas melody and put them in the box provided.  All chords will be either the I, IV, V, or V7

The V7 is a dominant 4 note chord which includes a Major triad with a flattened 7th.  Example in C and C7 chord would include (C, E, G, and a Bb which is the flattened 7th)


Print Out and answer with you name on the top Chord-Analysis-O-Christmas-Tree (I, IV, V, V7)


if you would like to try something a bit more difficult here is chord-analysis-deck-the-halls-all-diatonic-chords which uses more of the Diatonic Chords. (I, ii, IV, V, V7, vi)