G8 U2 Task – Storyboard/Cuesheet




  • Criteria A “Knowing and Understanding”
  • Criteria C “Thinking Creatively”
  • Criteria D “Responding”
  • ATL Skills – Communication and Thinking


By manipulating the ‘Elements of Music’, create an audio soundtrack for 9 Scenes of a movie. 



*START BY MAKING A COPY of this cue-sheet/storyboard in google docs 



You have the following options for creating your soundtracks.

  1. FILM WITHOUT AUDIO – Download and use this short Horror Film  to create your soundtrack, download and import into Garageband
  2. OR
  3. STILL PICTURES – Using digital still pictures  that you find online create 9 scenes (one picture for each scene) to a create a story of your choice.


Watch & Listen


  1. For inspiration let’s watch this short film which puts 4 different soundtracks  together with the same scene to see how the music can change the mood of the scene.
  2. Now watch this short of the top 5 horror movie theme songs – listen for how the instrument choices. tempo and other elements make a difference to the music




You will need to make a


of your original short movie soundtrack which gives a detailed description of how you manipulated the elements of music and the impact it had on the outcome  for each of the 9 scenes.

The google doc cue-sheet/storyboard is very important and needs to include your personal in depth reflections which includes your thoughts on how you think the 2 elements of music affected the mood of the music for each scene. Be sure to include insight into any experimentations you tried and their outcome. It is all about the process!


Process – CUE SHEET

  1. MAKE A COPY of this cue-sheet/storyboard in google docs that uses columns in a table.   On it you will create an overview of your movie as well as outline the elements of music you will use to create a short original piece of music (each 10 seconds) which represents the specific mood you want to create for each of the scenes. Your soundtrack should be uploaded onto your Google My Drive and shared with Mr. Johnston. Then add the link to the top of your cuesheet. 
  2. On the google.doc  copy the overview of the plot (off of the movie) for each of the scenes.  Select key words that describe the scene from each scene and notate them on the document. Try to incorporate the words which best set the moods for each scene (surprise, love, death, quandary, suspense, action, laughter, sorrow, thinking, contemplation, motion, waiting, adventure, etc). Discuss how you will use a minimum of 2 musical elements in each scene.
  3. If your movie has two scenes using the same mood you will need to create two different pieces of music discussing how you used 2 specific elements for each scene. Do not reuse  the same music for both.
  4. In the second column for each scene write an overview which  describes the specific mood (from key words) you would like to create that would best support the scene.
  5. In the next column  list the elements of music you will be using in your composition to create a specific mood for the scene and how you will use them. (tempo, texture, harmony, dynamics, rhythm, timbre, melody)
  6. REFLECT ON YOUR PROCESSTHIS IS VERY IMPORTANT – in the last column be sure to reflect on your process. Did it turn out the way you wanted or did you make changes to your original ideas.  Did your music actually portray the mood you expected?
  7. You may use GarageBand, Noteflight, iMovie, or other applications.
  8. For Noteflight: create your music to the right length for your scene and export as an audio file to be added to iMovie or GarageBand
  9. For Garageband: Create NEW Project for your soundtrack in Garageband, then download the video  Horror Film onto your computer and add it to the video timeline.
  10. Watch this YouTube to see how to add a video to your GarageBand timeline HERE

*CLICK HERE to learn about the musical elements you should consider when creating specific moods for a scene in a soundtrack





If you are going to use still pictures you will need to import them into an iMovie project first and then save and import the movie into GarageBand to create your soundtrack.  The length of time each picture appears on screen can be set in iMovie.  Set EACH PICTURE to last BETWEEN 5-10 seconds.



The last step is to save your Garageband Movie project for final grading.

EXPORT your movie with the audio by following these steps:

SAVE the movie onto your desktop and after exporting it will show up as a stand alone iMovie



Once you have your stand alone Quicktime Movie of your finished soundtrack upload your movie to your ‘Google My Drive’. Once uploaded share the movie with Mr. Johnston:  johnstonb@yis.ac.jp

Then copy the link and put it on your Cue Sheet and make sure it is shared with Mr. Johnston 

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