Add an arppggio after playing the scale ascending and descending.


That mean if you are playing a C Major scale up and down with the correct fingerings finish by playing the arpeggio C-E-G-C-G-E-C (the Doe-Me-So-Dow-So-Me-Doe or 1 3 5 8 5 3 1)


TIP – Pass your thumb under and cross over your thumb in the appropriate spots in order to successfully play up and down the scale.

REMEMBER – When playing most scales up and down, it’s important to realize that the scale pattern is exactly reversed on the way down. All you have to do is remember which keys you played going up and then play the same ones in reverse order going down.

ADVANCED – Watch the Following Youtube  ‘I Bet You Didn’t Think Scales Could Sound Like This!” – Try playing the

chords vi-IV-I-V of the Key of the Scale you playing with your LEFT hand while you play the Major Scale with the Right hand.  In the key of C Major, that means you would play Am-F-C-G or in the Video she plays in G Major which uses Em-C-G-D chords


Major Scales Right Hand Only 2 Octaves

Major Scales Left Hand Only 2 Octaves

Major and Natural Minor Scales with fingerings


Natural, Melodic, Harmonic Minor Scales