Tuning Electric Bass 

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Tuning Guitar



Transposition for B-flat and E-flat Instruments




– FREE Online Metronome – CLICK

Windows Computer:



Online Mixing like a DJ by PartyCloud

Online Music Flash Cards – wide variety of common topics


Music Theory Help Site 

– How to read sheet music

Music Manuscript

Blank Sheet Music – customize the way you want it and print

Music Terminology 

– Blank Printable Google.doc Handout

How to Use a Mixer

Great place to learn about how to operate a mixing console

Music Applications

Drum Machines

THE BEST Online Drum Machine by HTML5

– One Motion – online Drum Machine
– Online HTML Roland Drum Machine
– Qwerty Beats DJ Beat Mixer

Listening to Classical Composers, Music, Instruments

– Instruments of the Orchestra
– Games, Radio Shows, and more at ‘Classics for Kids’
– DSO Kids
– SFS Kids

Piano and Theory Lessons Online

– Zebra Keys Lessons
– Piano Fingerings for Major Scales



– Music Composition Techniques

Piano Chords

– Piano-Chord-Chart

Piano Scales

Every scale for the piano

YouTube Help Sites

          *HOW TO Create a Youtube Video Part One  – you can use your account. You do not have to open a new account
          *HOW TO Create a Youtube Video Part Two – How to publish your video
          *HOW TO Create a PowerPoint Youtube Video – How to use PowerPoint to create a step by step Instructional Youtube Video
          *HOW TO Embed a Youtube Video on WordPress Blog 



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