G6 U1 – Steps to Creating Process Journal Videos

STEPS TO LEARNING A SONG for Process Journal

How do I learn to play a song?  What do all the notations on the music mean?

You will be creating an instructional video which highlights the steps you took to learn and perform a piece of music.

Here are some helpful steps to help you create your video. You can use these ideas or come up with your own but your video should clearly explain how to perform your piece and what all of the symbols of music notation mean and ideas on how to learn them.

step one: The first step is to make sure you understand all the notations on the manuscript (dynamics, tempo markings, staccato, phrasing etc) so you can explain them to others.

step two: Look up anything you are not sure of including any Italian terms such as those used for the tempo

step three: Explain how you read all of the pitches?  You might want to notate them on a poster and show this in you paper. How do you remember the pitches of the treble and bass clefs?

step four:  Explain how to read the rhythms, note and rest values. What are the different kinds of rest and note values and what do they mean?  How can someone learn them?

step five:  Break the piece of music up into parts explaining all of the components.  Example: Play all the pitches in the first measure, then the second until you can play them all. Show this process in your video.

step six: Clap the rhythm and then play the pitches to the rhythm

step seven: Do the same process for the second measure

step eight: Play both measures together – again show this in your video.

step nine: Continue in the same manner to learn the first line or phrase before moving on to the next phrase

step ten: Review piece to correct rhythm and pitches before trying to play in tempo at a steady tempo

step eleven:  Adjust your performance to include any performance markings (dynamics, staccato, pedals, dynamics etc)

*Use this process to start learning your chosen melodies and create your process journal videos. Remember your videos should highlight the steps you took to learn how to play the piece by demonstrating your understanding of the markings on the score, and how they affect the performance.

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