G6 U2 – Group Snare Piece

Group Snare Drum Piece

Learn Drums for Free snare piece with 2 parts

This snare drum piece has been created so that drummers of different abilities can perform together as a group of snare drum players.

Part 1 of the snare drum sheet music is for beginners (level 1-2), and Part 2 could be played by level 3-4. Beginners could also attempt Part 1, but in a performance situation would fare better with Part 1.

The notated snare drums with the ‘X’ marking on, could be played as a snare rim hit, or as a stick click, but they were written to be a snare rim hit.

The snare drum sheet music contains a mixture of quarter notes, 8th notes, 16th notes, and flams, and the snare drum piece last for 16 bars, so it is quite a short piece. The dynamics are not displayed on the sheet music, so they could be any volume, but I would suggest mf or f (medium or loud). All of the notation is to be played with single strokes where possible.

Printouts of Music with 3 parts

easy-snare-snare-drum-piece-1 Рpart for beginners




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