G7 U2 L2 – Slavery and the Mississippi Delta

Listening to the Blues 

 WORKING INDIVIDUALLY:  The second task asks you to compare three of the most popular styles of the blues that developed as it moved up the Mississippi River from the Southern United States to the North all the way up to Chicago by the Canadian border.

*You will probably want to use some headphones today when possible.


ACTIVITY  – Listening 

Regional Music of the Mississippi Delta

The culture of a region often has an influence on the music that is produced from that region.

Many musical styles have a strong relationship to place and often play a part in shaping that places identity.

The Blues travelled up the Mississippi river to several different areas to the North.  Some of these cities developed their own style of the Blues, some of these cities are (Detroit, Memphis, Seattle); often the larger the city the larger the change that happened.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 4.37.20 PM

To help comprehend the notion of regional music let’s listen to some of the blues styles from the USA.  

See if you can hear a specific sound for each region.  How has the music changed in each location?

The 3 Blues Styles Listening


EXTRA ACTIVITY – A Flight To Freedom 


The Blues started with Slavery.  Try the online interactive MISSION USA and discover a little bit about what it might have been like to group up as a slave working on a plantation and being OWNED by someone else. 

Mission 2 – “Flight To Freedom”  – you will need to register by creating a login name and password before you start.  No email or personal information is required.

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