Major and minor Triads


The Complete Guide to learning Chords by Hear and Play

Piano Triad Chords and Inversions by 8th Notes – with piano keyboard showing pitches

The Reverse Chord Finder – put in the notes and it will tell you the name of the chord

The Ultimate Chord Finder – put in the notes the chord must have and you will be shown what chord to use

How to Interpret Chord Symbols

Triads and Seventh Chords

Music Theory Chord Symbols, Scales and much more

Music – Excellent site – Lessons and Exercises on Triads, 7th Chords and more

Four Types of Triads – Major, Minor, Augmented, Diminished


Modulation Pivot Chord Handout pdf

ODE TO JOY WORKSHEETS – figuring out chords to a melody

Happy Birthday Worksheet – figuring out chords

Adding Chords to a Melody

MELODY1 add chords

MELODY2 – add chords 


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