Scales and Key Signatures

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Blank Manuscript staff-with-keyboard

Creating Scales on the Treble Clef Worksheet

Major Scale Formula pdf


Circle of 5ths for Completion Handout





  1. Handout – Blank Manuscript staff-with-keyboard – blank staff with keyboard and circle of 5ths
  2. Creating Major scales using Whole and Half Steps     W-W-H-W-W-W-H- Major Scales on





Using this formula you can create a major scale starting on any pitch on the piano keyboard.

On a piece of blank music manuscript staff-with-keyboard create the C Major scale above in both the Treble and Bass clefs.

Next create a B flat Major scale using the formula above to find out the key signature needed for B flat Major.

Be sure you start on the B flat and then continue with the formula. Then at the end count up the flats used and they will become your key signature.



Minor Scales


To create a minor scale the formula will be a bit different but still using the whole and half steps.  The formula is W H W W H W W

The Major scale with no sharps or flats in it was C Major.

The minor scale with no sharps or flats in it is A Minor

Try playing the A minor scale on the piano by starting on an A and only playing the white keys.

The pitches you will end up playing are A B C D E F G A





Key Signatures written in Treble and Bass Clefs

Circle of Fifths

that shows the Major keys on the outside ring and the minor keys on the inside ring.



It is good to memorize all of the Major Key Signatures.  There are only 15 in total.  C with none, and 7 flat key signatures, and 7 sharp key signature

Student Handout – Circle of 5ths for Completion