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Welcome to YIS!

Welcome new students to YIS! This is what some of our new students like about YIS.

Thank you Gr 5 helpers Freya, Waka, Emma and Matilda for interviewing and making the video.

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Gr 1 PSE: Keep trying and don’t give up!

We have been discussing “How to get better at things” in Grade 1 PSE class.
Students came up with things they want to get better at; talked about what they will do to get better; thought of words of encouragement and people who can help them.
We had great words such as “Don’t give up”, “I can do it!”, “Gambare”, “Keep going”, “Practice”, “tu peux faire”.
Keep trying!

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Grades 1 & 2 PSE

Grade1 and 2 PSE started last week.

In Gr 1 We read one of my favorite books “Leo the Lightning Bug” by Eric Drachman.  Students thought that Leo was a
“focused” , “brave”, “hard working” lightning bug who believed in himself. Believing in yourself makes you feel strong.


In Grade 2 we are looking at different “character traits”. We have come up with a great list of words! We will be talking more about these traits next week.

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Conflict Resolution

In Grade 3, 4 & 5 PSE lessons, we are learning about “Conflict Resolution” . We discuss different kinds of conflicts and ways to solve problems. 

These are useful steps to remember when you are solving conflicts.

1. STOP.

Don’t let the conflict get worse. The less angry you are the easier it will be to solve the problem.

2. SAY what the conflict is about.

What is causing the problem? What does each of you want or not want?

3. THINK of positive options.

How could you meet each other’s needs and be fair?

4. CHOOSE a positive option each of you can agree on.


**If you still can’t solve the problem ask for help.**




Welcome Back!

Welcome to the New School Year

As you all know I have been visiting all the classrooms welcoming new and returning students and helping them settle into their new classes.

I am so happy to have received such positive feedback from our new students about our school.

  • Great food at the cafeteria
  • Great teachers
  • Kind friends
  • Fun in the playground


The new student council have been appointed and their first job is to make our new students feel welcome. Some suggestions were to be on the lookout for anyone who might be feeling alone or sad during play time. This week in student council we will be talking more about making people feel welcome.
If you have any suggestions for this year’s student council to make the school a better place please feel free to speak to one of our members in the photo above or with me directly.

Personal Social Education = PSE

I am going to grades 3, 4 and 5 for the beginning of the school year to talk with students about solving problems and dealing with personal and social issues. We have had some great discussions and I look forward to sharing more ideas in class and through this blog as the year unfolds.


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Videos on Bullying

Grade 5 students have been making videos on bullying.
Here is one from 5B. “It is OK to ask for help”

Cyber bully from YIS Academics on Vimeo.



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bullying, Bullying, BULLYING!

We have been talking about “Bullying” in grades 4 and 5 for the past few weeks during PSE.
After discussions and watching the video “Let’s fight it together”, students came up with questions such as:
Why do bullies bully?
Why do bullies smile and look happy when they are hurting people?
Don’t bullies feel bad?
How do bullies pick who to bully?
How do bullies make a “bully group”?
Why don’t people getting bullied ask for help right away?

We discussed what each of us can do if we are teased/ bullied or if we see someone being teased/ bullied. Some ideas were:
“Tell the bully to stop”; “Ignore”; “Get a group of friends and stop the bully”; “Tell the teacher”;”Tell your parents”; “Ask the bully how he/she would feel if someone did the same thing to him/her” and “Walk away”.

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-Good Friends-

Gr 3 students brainstormed words that describe their good friends. They also discussed what these great friends do and how they are special. How are you a good friend?

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Personal Social Education (PSE) started!!

PSE has started! I am visiting Grades 3, 4, 5 every week. I always enjoy my visits as I get to know everyone better. In Grade 3 we read one of my favorite books.

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Welcome back to school!!

Welcome back to school!!! I hope everyone is having a great start to the new school year. I will be coming to all classes for Personal Social Education (PSE) soon. As usual, everyone is welcome to come and see me at anytime!

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