Grade 4: Building Our Vocabulary

How do you build vocabulary?
This week, we spent a lot of time building our understanding of the unit vocabulary words. We used the following words:
  • erosion
  • weathering
  • deposition
  • plates
  • plate¬†tectonics
  • Earth
  • inner core/outer core
  • earthquakes
  • Pangaea
  • mantle
  • crust
The¬†students had to become experts in at least two words. Their job as ‘experts’ was to teach that word to another student. Additionally, the students had to rate their knowledge of the words using a “Red/Green” system. Green meant that they understood the word and could explain its Form, Function and How it Changes the Earth. Red meant that they were still developing an understanding of that word/concept.
By the end of the week, you can see that we have more “Green” names than red, which also shows growth in understanding!
Beginning of the week.
Becoming Experts
End of the week.
We even had students explaining words in their Mother Tongue:

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