WordUp! 2016

Word Up March 2016-3-XLThe library is happy to have hosted YIS’s first spoken word poetry event, WordUp! 2016, on Thursday March 17th. It was a powerful evening of sharing a mixture of original pieces and personal favorites.

Thank you to to Adina, Ms. Barbour & Ms. Katy, Mr. Stanworth, Juna, Sam, Aru & Sukran, Vivien, Mr. Snowball and Mr. Clark.  It takes a lot of courage to perform, and you should all be proud of your efforts.

We hope to see you (and many others?) reprise your performances at STITCH 2K16 on April 28th.


Dōmo arigatō: An Anthology of Thanks

お礼 – Thank You photo by Flickr user Japanexperterna.se under CC BY SA 2.0

Naomi Shihab Nye san, dōmo arigatō for the three wonderful days you spent with us at Yokohama International School. Everyone cannot stop talking about how fabulous it was that you came into our lives. There’s amazing writing going on, and the ripples of your visit are still being felt. Thank you so much for being your authentic self. You were kind, giving and just over all lovely. Please come back anytime!

We wanted to thank you for your time and generosity, so the best way we could think of to do that was to share some more of our writing with you. Here is our Anthology of Thanks, made of poems from our community.


302 Sunsets – Number Two

A Third Hand – Leah Edwards

Chinese Face – Adam Y.

Compliments – Larissa S.

Dear Naomi – Andrew Hutton

Mrs. Nye, See You Again, The Cat & Goodbye Mrs. Nye – Langston D.

Untitled – Dennis Stanworth

What she brought with her – CB