Upgrade Your Blogging

Good afternoon YIS teachers! This post focuses on 5 easy ways to enhance your blog.

#1: TagLines

These are your own personal blog slogan.  You can edit your site’s tagline under Settings>General. Fix it RIGHT NOW.  You are not “Just another YIS Learning Hub site”.

#2: About Page

Not really sure on the difference between posts and pages? EduBlogs has got you covered.  Now that you’ve cleared that up, grab a new page and make it all About You!

via Flickr user lynetter under CC BY-NC 2.0

#3: Tags and Categories

Tags and categories are two different tools users use to navigate and explore the content on your blog. According to the EduBlogs help site, “Categories are like chapters of a book; they provide a general overview of the topics you blog about. Whereas tags are more like the index at the back of the book and explode the topic into a million bits (Categories versus Tags).

#4: Custom Menus

Custom Menus are the best secret no one knows about.  When you create custom menus to organize your content and juggle multiple classes, visitors to your blog think you’re some kind of fancy blog wizard.  Really, it’s as easy as SHAZAM!

via Flickr user lynetter under CC BY-NC 2.0

#5 Widgets

Don’t you look at other blogs and think, “Oooooh!  I want that rotating visitor map or a funky fish feeding game?”  You know you do.  And you can have it by going to Appearance>Widgets and dragging your favorite widgets to the right.  Don’t see the Widget you want?  Find the HTML code online and paste it into a text widget, the fanciest widget of all.

What’s that I hear? Ms. Katy, it seems like all you do is go to EduBlogs Help and search for how to do what you want to do?  SHAZAM, I say, SHAZAM.