Grade 10: Edo Period Research

Today we will be working on exploratory research for your historical investigation on the Edo period of Japan. Effective researchers use a variety of academic sources in their research. To start, you can use Wikipedia for academic research, but maybe not in the way that you think. Watch this video to see how Wikipedia can be your trampoline into databases and digital libraries.

Now that you’ve developed a list of search terms, keywords, people and dates, it’s time to dive into the real academic resources. Do you know NOTHING about your topic beyond the quickie Wiki overview? Get background information on your topic by searching Encyclopaedia Britannica. (The first two minutes are most relevant to you. After that it gets kind of promotion-y.) You can access Encyclopaedia Britannica by going to our new YIS Library Research Portal. Get the password from your librarian.

Once you’ve got a basic understanding of your topic, it’s time to research using more sophisticated academic tools. Watch the tutorials and complete the “scavenger hunt” for these resources.

After this session, your class is going to be well prepared for next weeks’ field trip. Share something you learned today on our Padlets:

Interesting Edo Research padlet – Group 1

Interesting Edo research padlet – Group 2

Please fill out this short survey on today’s session.

Research Tutorials: JSTOR

How to Use JSTOR by
How to Use JSTOR by

JSTOR is an online academic library that allows you access to journal articles, primary source documents and books. It is appropriate for DP research, particularly the Extended Essay, as well as some upper MYP research. Here’s a 1 minute video overview of searching JSTOR.

JSTOR in a minute: Search Tips from JSTOR on Vimeo.

Prefer more detail? This slideshow walks you through the basics of researching with JSTOR, including basic searches, advanced searches, organizing your results and using MyJSTOR.

JSTOR has recently expanded their eBook collection, and they’re quite proud of it. The video below gives a one minute overview of eBooks in JSTOR; watch it and learn how to make eBooks work for you.