Water Reflection

Fall Mountain Reflection flickr photo by Stanley Zimny (Thank You for 23 Million views) shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC) license

  • Step 1: Using memory, information on your computer, and friends sequence out the entire water process.
  • Step 2: Under each step indicate what you learned. RED circle for a skill you learned. BLUE circle for something you learned about water.
  • Step 3: NEXT STEPS…add to your sequencing BF what steps you will take next in taking care of our water source.
  • Step 4: Choose 1 option
    • Write a letter to next year’s 6th graders….give them all the advice you have for succeeding on this project. Include links to your work.
    • Create an instructional video for next year’s 6th graders….tell them how to succeed on this project.
    • Write a letter (or series of tweets/instagram posts)  to someone who is in a position of power (Head of School, parent, elected official) helping them understand why studying water is so important and what changes in behavior people should make.
  • Step 5: On your SCHOOL Blog
    • Put a picture of your sequencing BF
    • Put your reflection on the website
    • Include links to your website AND your posters
    • Make sure you categorize and add proper tags
  • Link to reflection form

Work for Monday


Period 1/2 History (HL Only)   Watch Century of a Revolution (Part 2) .
A student to show it via their computer.
Period 3/4 I&S Grade 7K Students are to finish their time through time maps. They should check the TSC, finish all drawing, and attach annotations to their maps. (Here is the link to the assessment if you need it) 


It is due at the START of class on Wednesday.

Work for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (March 8,9,10)


Period 1/2 7M Continue work on town through time map. You. should try to get the second map done. Don’t forget to be checking the TSC
Period 3/4 8U Introduction to History of Yokohama. Individual work. Make a copy and share with Ms. Madrid 
Period 5/6 6H Continue work on posters.

  • You should be working with partners on your poster project
  • You can check this document to make sure they have completed everything
  • If (and only if) you have completed the google slideshow requirements then they can work on the extension activity.
Period 7/8 History HL You should finish chapter 2 and begin chapter 3 in the Mao book. Extra copies of the book behind “embrace your superhero” poster. 



Period 1/2 7K Continue work on town through time map. You should try to get the map done. Don’t forget to check the TSC. 
Period 5/6 (w/ lunch break) DP History Combined In small groups, you will share your presentations. Just sit around two different tables and share.
The teams are:

  • Justin, Sabrina, Aysha, Maria, Joe, and Sarah
  • Erin, Christian, Meadow, Miha, Kate, and Cole

If you finish, you can practice for their paper 1 style quiz answering the purple box questions on pages 100-118 in the green book.

7/8 8U Globalization and Yokohama Culture. Make a copy and share with Ms. Madrid. 



Period 3/4 7M Continue work on town through time map

Thinking about Globalization

Read What is Globalization?

You are going to work in groups brainstorming how you are influenced or influence globalization. Each group will be given the following heading:

  1. Transport and communications technology, globalization and me. Think of Pros and Cons
  2. Economic interactions and flows, globalization and me. Think of Pros and Cons
  3. Environmental change, globalization and me. Think of Pros and Cons.
  4. Socio-cultural change, globalization and me. Think of Pros and Cons.
  5. Poitical outcomes, globalization and me. Think of Pros and Cons

Generate a list of as many ways as possible you and your group are influenced by or influence each of the topics.You will be asked to share your findings with the class.