Global Context and Me

The Goal:

To create a self-portrait of you, showing how you have been impacted by your learning, withing the context of one of 3 Global Contexts.

You will answer the following:

How did your learning in I&S this year CHANGE?IMPACT?:

  1. What and how you THINK
  2. What you SAY
  3. What you FEEL
  4. What you SHOW in your actions
  5. What you want to CHANGE

What will this look like?

YOU – with a

  1. Thought bubble – What do you think about the Global Context and I&S
  2. Speech bubble – What do you want to say about the Global Context and I&S 
  3. A HEART – What did you like or love about learning in I&S that relates to the Global Context
  4. Something in your hand – One thing that you will take with you/remember from I&S and the Global Context
  5. Point to your foot – one change you will make in regards to the Global Context and I&S



  1. Take a picture of yourself.
  2. Put it in the middle of a page – not too big, not too small.
  3. Now THINK – what were the themes this year, what were the big ideas? The SoIs? The concepts? The Life Lessons? How has what YOU have learned CHANGED how and who you are?
  4. Title the page with one of the following Global Contexts:
    1. Identities and Relationships
    2. Fairness and Development
    3. Personal and Cultural Expression


Writing Your Reflection For Your Report

Writing Your Reflection For Your Report

As part of the reporting process this year, all students in G6-11 will be completing a reflection  based on their achievements and goals.  This reflection will be published on your report, next to your tutor’s comments about you.  As you write your reflection, you should consider a number of factors.  A well-written report reflection could include comments about:


  • Motivation: how you think you have worked this semester.
  • Achievement: specific reference to goals you set for yourself this semester in relation to the tasks set, highlighting individual successes.
  • Ways to improve: ATL skills that can be developed across your classes.  Reminder: ATL skills relate to Communication, Social, Self Management, Research, Thinking
  • Future assignments: in your classes or elsewhere such as the EE/PP; this can be linked to ways to improve
  • Participation in class / discussion
  • References to significant school activities outside of the classroom: sports, activities, performances, etc.


  • Think about your mid semester report and the comments teachers made about your successes.  Look for common themes between classes.  Ask yourself what you’re most proud about?  Make a list of these things.



  • Think about the comments teachers made about areas you could work to improve.  Are teachers in different classes asking you to participate more?  Are teachers mentioning your handwriting? Are teachers mentioning your ability to organise ideas?  Are teachers mentioning your ability to work in a group/team? (these are just some examples).  Make a list of these things.




  • Think about your life outside of the classroom.  How have you contributed to the YIS community?  What service activities have you participated in that you are proud of?  What sports team did you participate in?  What about Arts activities, such as performance.  Then, think about what you learned from these activities. Make a list of these things.



  • Your reflection may be no more than 950 characters long (including spaces).  Remember, this will be part of your official report card, so it is important that you write in accurate English and in a formal way.

Sample Comments

Grade 7 Student

This semester I have worked engagingly and been well-organized. My goals for this semester was to improve on my communication skills and interaction with my fellow classmates. I have achieved these goals through projects, partner work, group discussion, debates and many more. In Individual & Societies we had a debate on Renaissance art and inventions. I was able to win the debate by using my communication skills. This sparked my confidence on communicating and interacting with people in various ways. On the other hand I believe that my research skills can be improved. For example I would like to work on researching things based on questions I have on a topic. In addition, I believe that I can be further involved in class discussions. For assignments I often try to finish the project at once. Therefore I will improve on my time management skills for future assignments. Outside of classes I have been involved in the MS Chowa and MSG Volleyball.  (957 characters)

Work for May 30

Grade 8: You should be finishing your project. I would like everything done by end of class on Friday.

History HL:

  1. Read the article (page 147-154). It’s on my table. 
  2. Work as a group on this presentation: CHANGE ALL the text so it relates. Be prepared to share with SL next class.


Study Hall. You can also work on your Yokohama History Project.