What you are studying and when

Monday Feb 27th

  • Paper 3 test
  • 1 essay in 50 minutes
    • Reasons for, and impact of, the rise of militarism and extreme nationalism: increasing influence of the army in politics; political coups and assassinations
    • Invasions of Manchuria (1931) and China (1937), and impact on relations with the West; Three Party/ Tripartite Pact (1940); US embargo (1940)
    • link to study guide)
    • Link to markbands

Thursday 23rd

  • Paper 1 test (you will be given 75 minutes)
  • Chapter 2 in Green Text Book (Japan’s Expansion and international response )





Causes of the Industrial Revolution

Step 1: With your partner  read the chart below


Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 1.32.22 PM










Step 2: Create a flow chart on A3 paper: (this should be finished by the end of period 3)

  • An arrow going between two factors can show CAUSE of change or EFFECT. This information comes from the chart above
  • Please put details above the arrow explaining how the two factors are connected
  • There should be a lot of arrows…it’ll be messy.


Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 1.39.10 PM

Step 3: Rank  

With your partner, rank the six factor from most important to least important.

Step 4: Paragraph answer (individual)  (this should be finished by the end of period 4) 

In a well-written paragraph answer the following question:

What Caused the Industrial Revolution?

This paragraph should have:

  • use information from the chart you made with your partner
  • states the most important reason but also use the other factors to make your argument.
  • 5 sentences. Capitalize the first word of each paragraph and all proper nouns. Use formal tone (avoid “I” and contractions)

Step 5: Upload Take a picture of your graph upload to your blog

  • Cut and copy your paragraph to your blog
  • If time, find pictures  (CREATIVE COMMONS), GIFs or YouTube videos that you can add to your blog to make your post more interesting and informative.


McDonalds Around the World

  • You will be assigned a country. No swaps.
  • You must find a picture of McDonalds in that country. Please try to find one that shows different architecture or that has been adapted for the local country. It does not need to be Creative Commons, but you do have to cite it.
  • Find at least one food item from McDonald’s in that country that shows the McDonalds adapts its menu for different markets. If possible, find an image.
  • On this common slideshow, you get one slide. On that one slide add picture of McDonalds, picture/example of the adapted menu item, and a short phrase or sentence that shows you understand how and why McDonalds adapted.
  • Be prepared to present next clas