The Fun Theory


  • Choose one problem facing cities. Research possible reasons for the problem and some of the ways cities are trying to address these problem.
    • Traffic in LEDC
    • Traffic in MEDC
    • Pollution in MEDC
    • Pollution in LEDC
    • Crime
    • Homelessness
    • Physical fittness
    • Waste Management
    • Water quality
    • Population growth
    • Poverty
    • Inequality (gender, ethnic, etc)
    • Any other issue (with teacher consent)


Part 2: Find a Solution

In groups, you will design a FUN solution to an urban problem facing a specific city. 

Your design can be technological, legal, infrastructure, education, anything that you can think of. Money is not an issue.

You will need to:

  • Define the problem in the context of your city.
  • Create a design plan to your invention following each step of the MYP design cycle
  • Create a pitch for this solution