Lesson 1: Encyclopaedia Britannica

  • Why use an encyclopaedia?
  • How can I search our encyclopaedia effectively?


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  1. How many of us have used EB before?
  2. Why do we use Encyclopaedias?.
  3. Watch Encyclopaedia Brittanica: Guide for Students
    1. As you watch this, what features/tools will you help you to search it? Which features can help us to find information?
    2. After the video, turn to you neighbor to try to come up with five features. Now add them to these Padlets
      1. Madrid – 7-2 – Padlet
      2. Madrid – 7-1 Padlet
  4. Encyclopaedia Britannica needs search terms, not questions.
    1. Explain that searching EB is similar to using tags to search rather than questions. Which keywords and keyword phrases will help you find articles for your inquiry topic?
    2. List some on the board – In a Telling Brain Frame
    3. Do a Sample search of Spain
  5. Perusing your Search Results
    1. Screen Shot of Results for Searching “Spain”
    2. Students use skinny Post It Notes to make predictions in partners about what each article will be about.
    3. Search for keywords and keyword phrases in the article title and blurb to predict as well as identify which will be most helpful.
    4. Review predictions as a class; determine which will be most helpful.
  6. Sample Search & Demonstrate Command F
  7. Now search on your own topic, read and take notes
  8. At the end, review as a class:
    1. which articles were most helpful? How did you find them?
    2. Which keywords helped you find these articles?
    3. Which EB features were useful?

Work for Sept 23


Class   Work to do Blog Link
Grade 6 9:10-10:10: Work in talk show teams to write script and practice (I’ve created a screencast explaining linked here)
10:10-10:40: Finish working on sequencing brainframe…they are on the wall.  If you are done, watch the fourth Walking with Cavemen 
Grade 11 Test: 5 minutes for reading/outlining, 60 minutes for writing the essay.

Any remaining time, read the practices of WWI section on Smartbacc

Grade 7    Here’s a video if you are unsure what you need to do. 

    • Students are to finish their timeline  (7K—yours are on the standing desk. 7M…yours are on the teachers desk under the window)
    • Write your paragraph explaining the impact of your empire on the world. Here’s a video to remind you how to write a paragraph.(7K—yours are on the standing desk. 7M…yours are on the teachers desk under the window)
    • If they haven’t already, they are to turn in their research sheet here OR print a copy
    • Grade your TSC (copy on desk by door)
    • Turn in all parts
    • If you finish, they can watch this movie here.

Community – 7C


Living and working with others presents opportunities and challenges

Quadrant 1: When are you in a team/community? List as many as you can. (school, family, church, community, etc).

Quadrant 2: Do a 10 minute investigation of how non-humans live in Community (ie. ants, geese, buffalo, bees, etc.)

Quadrant 3: List all the advantages of being in community with others?

Quadrant 4: List all the challenges of being in a community.