Globalization Product Assessment.

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Project 1(this is a link and you should make a copy)

  • Globalization Product Placement
    We have been discussing how companies adapt their products to better fit different markets, considering local culture, tastes and laws.

    • Choose one cultural item or trait that you know well and are interested in. This could be a dance, a style of music, a sport, a food item, a piece of clothing etc. The cultural item can come from any country, but it should probably be one that you are familiar with.
    • Choose one country you would want to promote the item to. It should be a country with a different culture, background, climate, etc.
    • This is your turn in sheet. As soon as you’ve chosen your product, add it here.
    •  Write a one-paragraph background. How did the the thing originate initially? How is it sold today? How is it practiced/worn/performed/etc in the country of origin?
    • Include 5 points about the targeted culture, focusing specifically on the traits your product will adapt to.
    • Adapt the product for the new country. Consider ways that you have to adapt it for the new culture.
    • Create a one page ad/poster or 30 second commercial for the adapted product.

    TSC — You will then have a reflection task after your presentations, assessed on criteria D. TSC

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