Study Guide for China 1949-1975 Test

  • Consolidation of the communist state (1949–1961) under Mao Zedong; key policies; land reforms; rectification campaigns; Hundred Flowers campaign (1956)
  • Transition to socialism; successes and failures in economic developments (1949–1961); First Five-Year Plan; Great Leap Forward; Second Five-Year Plan
  • Social developments; women’s rights; health; education:

    Agrarian Reform Law (1950) and

    the “speak bitterness” sessions with the landlords; CCP organization and structure; Marriage

    Act (1950); Three- and Five-anti campaigns (1952–1953); first Five Year Plan (1952–1957);

    Constitution (1954); Hundred Flowers Campaign (1956) and the Anti-Rightist Campaign (1957);

    Great Leap Forward (1958); Three Bitter Years and the Famine (1959–1961); Peng Dehuai’s

    (P’eng Te-huai’s) criticism of Mao and the Lushan Conference (1959).

  • Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution: causes; Gang of Four; political, social and cultural impact

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