Global Context and Me

The Goal:

To create a self-portrait of you, showing how you have been impacted by your learning, withing the context of one of 3 Global Contexts.

You will answer the following:

How did your learning in I&S this year CHANGE?IMPACT?:

  1. What and how you THINK
  2. What you SAY
  3. What you FEEL
  4. What you SHOW in your actions
  5. What you want to CHANGE

What will this look like?

YOU – with a

  1. Thought bubble – What do you think about the Global Context and I&S
  2. Speech bubble – What do you want to say about the Global Context and I&S 
  3. A HEART – What did you like or love about learning in I&S that relates to the Global Context
  4. Something in your hand – One thing that you will take with you/remember from I&S and the Global Context
  5. Point to your foot – one change you will make in regards to the Global Context and I&S



  1. Take a picture of yourself.
  2. Put it in the middle of a page – not too big, not too small.
  3. Now THINK – what were the themes this year, what were the big ideas? The SoIs? The concepts? The Life Lessons? How has what YOU have learned CHANGED how and who you are?
  4. Title the page with one of the following Global Contexts:
    1. Identities and Relationships
    2. Fairness and Development
    3. Personal and Cultural Expression


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